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Redeem Code Genshin Impact in April 2021, get 300 Primogems for free

Zhongli the character of Genshin Impact. (miHoYo) – Good news for Genshin Impact players, because miHoYo is giving away the latest redemption code. Of course, you can exchange them for attractive prizes. Especially when you redeem the Genshin Impact April 2021 code, you will receive 300 Primogems free of charge.

China based game developer miHoYo shared this Genshin Impact redemption code in a live streaming that revealed the new v1.5 update for the open world action RPG game.

As with previous live streaming events, the latest updates for Genshin Impact have been revealed. This time there are two new characters in v1.5.

Two banners will also be distributed, which will be activated step by step in v1.5, including the Zhongli banner. In addition, players can face multiple new enemies later.

There are also a number of special events and new challenges that will liven up the open world action RPG game. There are also a lot of new things miHoYo shares in the upcoming v.15 update.

Genshin Impact Primogems illustration.  (
Genshin Impact Primogems illustration. (

Of course, what players are waiting for is the Genshin Impact redemption code, which will be shared on the live stream. Reminder of the prize 300 Primogems free to players.

The following is the Genshin Impact redemption code shared on this April 2021 livestream.

  • FS6SU367M279
  • 4BNSD3675J8D

Try this code out too

But you have to keep in mind that this April 2021 Genshin Impact redemption code can be exchanged for a limited time. If you can’t, the time may have expired or you entered it incorrectly.

How do I then exchange this code to receive the prize item?

  1. You can redeem it through a dedicated page at the address:
  2. Don’t forget to log in first to be able to redeem, then select the server and make sure the character nickname you are using is correct. Enter the code in the Redemption Code field and click Redeem.
  3. A notification then appears as to whether the code entered is correct or no longer valid. If successful, then just log in and log into the game.
  4. If the in-game Genshin Impact redemption code you entered is correct and still valid, you will receive a message in your inbox. Just take the price.

This is the redemption code Genshin Impact April 2021, get 300 free Primogems to pick up new characters later.

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