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This is FF's fake gift page to watch out for

Free Fire Fake Gift Sites – Many of you use Claim Incubator Site, Code Incubator ezua com, Codeincubator, it turns out to be a fake site.

Free Fire is a game that is loved by many people. This battle royale genre game can come first with most games installed and used on the Play Store. followed by the game PUBG Mobile of the same genre.

By the time this article was published, the game, often referred to as ff, has had a total of 500 million installs from users around the world.

various updates such as the presentation of events, skins and other cool prizes make this game by Garena more popular with its users. even this game is played by children to adults as well.

The event currently taking place at Garena FF is the Booyah Ramadhan event. This event rewards many prizes like Rubik’s Cubes and other cool prizes that are worth fighting for among Free Fire users.

Free Fire Rewards Site
Free Fire Rewards Site

With the increasing number of users installing Free Fire, there are those who use this moment to take bad actions. For example, he created a simple Facebook login form that was used to steal a Facebook account with the login form.

Like the Code Incubator Ezua Com FF site, this site offers different skin and character prices for each user. However, the conditions must be to log in with a Facebook account or a VK account.

It is estimated that there are many users who fall victim to this action as this website is very busy crawling on google.

List of Free Fire Rewards Sites Worth Seeing

Not only is the Code Incubator Ezua Com FF site, there are other sites that do bad things like the collection of sites below.

  2. Code incubator azua com

In the meantime, first update the website pulling facebook and vk credentials to get irresponsible. To do this, you have to pay attention to whether there is a login form that asks you to log in via Facebook or other sites.

So that’s a little rundown of irresponsible websites by getting Facebook account credentials and the like.

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