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What is Free Fire Suspend? Here is the explanation

What is Suspend FF – Free Fire also has regulations that all players must follow in order to maintain the athleticism of the players.

In a game there are always rules or regulations that serve to regulate the players to stay athletic.

If a player violates the existing regulations, Free Fire will impose a penalty in the form of account suspension.

The purpose of this account lockout is to give players a deterrent effect so that they do not repeat their actions again.

What is Suspend on Free Fire?

Suspending, or better known as banned, is a condition that will cause your account to be deactivated by Garena. If your account is locked, you will not be able to log in and play Free Fire for a certain period of time.

What is Suspend Free Fire?
Definition of expose to fire

The frequency of this suspension depends on the type of violation committed. The slightest violation will be banned for 3 days, while the most serious violation will be permanently banned.

This permanent ban means that your account will be permanently deactivated and you will no longer be able to play Free Fire with that account.

What is causing the Free Fire account to be banned?

Players who violated the game terms will be banned.

However, what rules shouldn’t be violated in Free Fire game? The reasons for blocking your account are:

AFK during the game

AFK or leaving the game in progress is very harmful to other players. If you do afk while playing the game, it is very likely that your team is irritated and will eventually report or report you. Reports from your teammates who feel offended may result in your account being temporarily suspended.

Say rude

Playing games inadvertently makes us toxic or rude at times. However, if you speak so harshly that other players feel upset and deprived, you run the risk of your account being banned. Because other players can report your toxic behavior at the end of the game.


Cheats are clearly a disservice to other players and not a good thing. You can be suspended by Garena if you have cheated. Since fraud is a serious breach, your account may be permanently suspended if it is proven that it has been defrauded.

Taking advantage of mistakes

There has to be something like a bug in the game that can sometimes be profitable when used. However, if you find a bug and take excessive advantage of it, you also run the risk of your account being banned. This is because excessive use of bugs is clearly harmful to other players.

That is an explanation of what suspend is and what causes it. Make sure that you are not taking any action that could result in your account being suspended as listed above.

If you have been given a suspended sentence, you need to be more vigilant and try to comply with the existing regulations as best you can.

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