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These are the contents of the Mobile Legend Slumber Party Bundle

Slumber Party Bundle Mobile Legend – Bundles in Mobile Legends are sometimes a popular choice for Mobile Legends players when looking to top up. The packages that are most commonly attacked by Mobile Legends players are the Weekly Elite Bundle and the Monthly Epic Bundle.

The Elite and Epic bundles are very popular indeed as the prices are quite cheap and the content is pretty complete.

Unfortunately, the Elite Bundle can only be purchased once a week while the Epic Bundle can only be purchased once a month.

Slumber Party Bundle Mobile Legends
Mobile Legend Slumber Party Bundle

Since Elite and Epic bundles can only be purchased for a limited period of time, quite a few Mobile Legends players are trying to buy other bundles. One of the packages that you can buy is the Slumber Party Bundle.

Contents of the Slumber Party Bundle Mobile Legend

You can buy this slumber party package by spending just Rp. 15,000.

For those of you who don’t know, this slumber party bundle includes 1 test card skin Nana for 3 days, 50 aurora crystals, 4 rare skin fragments and also 1 test card heroine Nana for 3 days.

Hero Nana is one of the free heroes in Mobile Legends, so almost every Mobile Legends player has this hero.

And that’s why Nana’s hero trial card is converted into 90 battle points when you buy the slumber party bundle.

Buying a pajama party package profitably?

Now that you know the contents of the Slumber Party Bundle, you should be able to guess whether this bundle is profitable or not. In all fairness, this slumber party package is a bit of a letdown so it’s not worth buying.

Of course, the three day Slumber Party skin trial cannot be used in ranked mode, so it is less profitable.

In addition, the Slumber Party Skin Trial is a free trial card that is very easy to get. You may already have a trial version of this slumber party skin card before you even bought the bundle.

The bonus of 50 Aurora Crystals and 4 Rare Skin Fragments isn’t very profitable either. You are better off buying the Crystal of Aurora Weekly Pass if you want to get lots of Aurora Crystals.

The weekly elite package, which costs Rp. 15,000, is also more profitable to buy than this slumber party package.

That’s all for the article that covers the Slumber Party Bundle in Mobile Legends.

Hopefully this article will tell you more about the bundles in Mobile Legends so that you can make better decisions when it comes to buying a bundle.

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