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When did the legends of M3 Mobile start? Here is the answer

When did the legends of M3 Mobile start? – The MLBB M2 World Championship has just ended.

In the highest level match in Mobile Legends, Indonesia could not win 1st place.

Indonesia, represented by RRQ and Alter Ego, had to honor the achievement of BREN Esports (Philippines), which took 1st place.

When did the legends of M3 Mobile start?
M2 mobile legends

This defeat in the top division of Mobile Legends has certainly disappointed the Indonesian audience. Now, many people are wondering when did M3 Mobile Legends begin?

Because many hope that M3 Mobile Legends Indonesia can win again.

M3 Mobile Legends World Championship

Indonesia had time to taste the sweetness of being a champion in M1 Mobile Legends 2021 where EVOS Indonesia took 1st place.

In M2 Mobile Legends 2021, however, representatives of Indonesia (RRQ and Alter Ego) could not win the championship title.

Failure at M2 may be bitter, but that doesn’t mean we should be discouraged. The M3 Mobile Legends World League will continue to exist in the future, and many countries will follow suit.

At the upcoming M3 Mobile Legends, representatives from Indonesia will definitely be able to win again,

When did the legends of M3 Mobile start?

With M2 Mobile Legends just ending in 2021, Moonton certainly can’t say when M3 MLBB will take place.

This Mobile Legends World League is actually the highest league held by Montton. It is possible that M3 Mobile Legends will start next year, namely 2022.

It is estimated that M3 will start in early 2022, if not, M3 can happen in late 2021.

But when this M3 will launch depends on the decision of Moonton and the organizers of the Mobile Legends World Championship.

So we still have to wait for more information from Moonton on when M3 Mobile Legends will launch.

M3 Mobile Legends is set to launch in less than a year, so this could be an opportunity for eSports players in Indonesia to improve.

Hopefully, in the future, representatives of Indonesia can win the title again later at M3 Mobile Legends.

So much for the discussion about M3 Mobile Legends that we can convey at this point. Hopefully this article can answer your questions about the launch of M3 Mobile Legends.

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