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The strongest Freya ML build recommendation in season 19

Although it has been reworked several times, Freya is still rarely used by most Mobile Legends players.

Also at some professional tournaments not that many appear. Even if this hero is very scary to use Build Freya which is very accurate.

You can use Freya as a damage dealer or tank or half tank. Because Freya is a very flexible hero, depending on your needs and your gameplay.

Below are recommendations Build Freya half-tank after getting a makeover that you can use while playing Classic or Rang!

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Build Freya Mobile Legends Season 19 (Rework)

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Of course, as a front-row hero, high defense is a must. We recommend two items of footwear, namely Warrior Boots and Tough Boots.

We strongly recommend using warrior boots when the composition of the opposing team includes a lot of physical heroes. If there are a lot of magical heroes out there in the meantime, then using the Tough Boots item will be a very smart choice.

As a fighter hero who has always been at the forefront, a lifestyle deal is of course a must. Because with this effect, every time he did it Basic attack receives HP regeneration.

Endless battle can be an option if you want a lifesteal effect!

On top of that, Endless Battle also features HP, movement speed, cooldown reduction, and real damage. The effects of this article are complete and, of course, very suitable for Freya.

Build Freya ML (Mobile Legends) The next thing to buy is a wing item, also known as a Queen’s Wings. This item increases Freya’s defense.

In this way, this item makes Freya even more barbaric when she is in the front row.

The passive can increase the lifesteal effect and damage reduction with a very large presentation. Even the increase would be very significant, so would make him much more powerful. In addition, in conjunction with other attributes such as HP and cooldown reduction.

To increase his defense, you can buy immortality items. This item offers physical defense stats along with very high HP.

So that immortality becomes a powerful item to reduce the damage done by physical heroes.

Not only that, this item also provides extra lives. After you die, you will come back to life with limited HP and shields. This gives you the opportunity to escape or counterattack.

To counter magical heroes, you can use Athena’s shield. Because the magical defense of this item is the highest in Mobile Legends.

In addition, this item provides additional HP and shields that are very useful for a tank.

But if the opponent is Esmeralda then you should use Cursed Helmet or Oracle. Because Esmeralda can absorb the shield from Athena’s passive shield. This makes it less effective in its use.

The last item you can use is the Blade of Despair, which increases Freya’s damage. If you use it as the core, Blade of Despair becomes too latest build Freya full of damage that you should be using.

If you’re using Freya as a half-armor, this Blade of Despair is optional. When you feel you are strong enough, the item is ready for use.

If it’s still not a tank, you should use it Build Freya Defense or a balanced item to attack or defend.

Perhaps this is all the information about the Freya Mobile Legends hero, hopefully this short discussion can be useful to all of you in your ML game. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Gametweeps for the latest tips and tricks on Moba games.

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