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Guide to Playing Magic Chess ML for Beginners

Game Magic Chess ML is one of the modes that is very preferred by player. This mode was originally a self-published game by Moonton. However, in January 2021, that game became part of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Did you master any of the modes in Mobile Legends?

If not, you can listen to this information. We’ll discuss tips and tricks as well the latest ML magic chess combo. Here is the full explanation.

  • Commander’s Choice decides who wins the game

Commander, or often referred to as Little Commander, is a computer-controlled character in Mobile Legends.

Latest Magic Chess Combo 2021 already has 12 commanders that can be played. Each has 3 unique skills, one of which can be used in combat.

While it doesn’t offer a significant strength bonus, the Commander’s skills can give you a small edge when playing. Each commander has a different way of manipulating the battlefield.

Swordsman Remy, for example, allows you to earn more gold. In the meantime, Eva the Mysterious Deer was able to improve the statistics of the units deployed.

Since each commander has a unique ability, you should have at least one or two commanders that suit your game type.

  • Economic system: being stingy is the best choice

At the start of the game, you might be interested in replaying the shop with just 2 coins gold. At first glance, this seems like a high reward promotion. However, the risk is just as high.

So it is good to save at the beginning. This is very useful. You can have up to 4. to get gold extra per spin of interest (2 coins for 10 Gold, 4 coins for 20 gold).

Additionally, consecutive wins and losses can also offer a gold bonus. Consecutive wins will keep you from losing HP.

On the other hand, there is also the so-called strategic disadvantage when playing Magic chess ML. You can try this strategy to save costs upfront.

You can also sell units that you don’t need for extra coins. In addition, the synergy of Eruditio gives you extra gold every round.

Magic chess ml, magic chess

Magic Chess ML (Gameplay)

Synergy is the most important part of the entire Magic Chess ML mode. The right choice of Synergy can lead you to victory.

In this case, Synergy is split into two parts, role and faction. There are a total of 9 roles that are equipped with 10 factions.

Since this guide is aimed at beginners, we won’t go too deep into this section.

We’re only going to offer some of the best synergies beginners can take advantage of, namely Armorer, Elementalist – Western Dessert, and Dragon Altar.

At the very least, you need to master some of the synergies mentioned above.

Unlike Chess-TD, Synergy’s effectiveness depends a lot on who you meet in the game, how you place units, and what items you get.

In this case, you need to explore the different options available. Don’t be afraid to be stepped on.

You can equip Gero by purchasing items. However, the best way to get items is to defeat the monsters you encounter each round. You can also get items through the Fate Box.

Always try to identify the game plan as early as possible. Select the correct article after hero We.

To be able to win Magic chess ML, Competencies you have to sharpen it further. This method is meant to be a reference to improve your skills. Have fun playing!

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