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The best and most painful X.Borg Item Build 2021 Mobile Legends | Games – X.Borg is a fighter who is often banned in Mobile Legends. The reason is that it has high burst damage and very strong defense. That’s why X.Borg Mobile Legends is one of the best fighters right now.

The burst damage done by X.Borg is area damage, so it can hit many enemies at the same time. He’s also very strong for solo lane so he can push lane very effectively.

X.Borg Mobile Legends
X.Borg – MLBB

In this article, TeknoGeng provides tutorials and the best X.Borg Mobile Legends Build Items. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are interested in learning more about this strongest fighter hero. Let’s take a look at the following reviews:

X.Borg Mobile Legends Best item build

According to mimin, the best build item for X.Borg is more focused on reducing the cooldown so it can spam skills more often. We only need the rest to maximize the items of defense, because X.Borg has to be strong to do his job as an offlaner.

Recommended X.Borg Item Build – MLBB

Warrior boots

For shoes, Mimin recommends Warrior Boots. In addition to the additional movement speed, this item also offers fairly high armor. So X.Borg will be very strong in the team fight.

Bloodlust ax

Bloodlust Ax is a core item for X.Borg. This item will cause X.Borg skills to appear more frequently as it decreases the cooldown. In addition, this item also offers a vampire spell that makes X.Borg very strong, be it in lane or team combat.

Queen’s wing

This item makes X.Borg’s HP thicker as it gives very large HP. In addition to this, this item also offers a cooldown reduction that allows X.Borg to spam skills more frequently. X.Borg also receives a damage reduction when his blood dies.

Athena’s shield

This item is used to fight magic heroes as it offers high magic defense and HP. This item also features a shield which is very useful for team battles. This shield is very useful for avoiding a combo kill of the enemy.


This item is very useful against physical heroes such as marksmen and fighters. Because this item offers pretty great physical defense. In addition, this item makes X.Borg immortal, where it can be brought back to life after death.

Blade of Despair

You can use this item when you want to get a high physical attack. Because this item offers a great physical attack, especially when attacking the opponent’s hero whose blood is dying.

Hunter strike

If you want extra cooldown reduction and high movement speed, consider using Hunter Strike. Because this item offers a cooldown reduction and movement speed when dealing damage 5 times.

Recommended X.Borg emblems and battle spells

Mimin recommends Custom Fighter Emblem for X.Borg. This emblem will make X.Borg very strong, be it laning or teamfight. Using the Festival of Blood talent, it will be very difficult to kill X.Borg. You can see the list of talents in the picture below:

Recommendations for X.Borg / MLBB emblem and combat spells

For combat spells, I recommend using sprint or flicker. These two spells will help X.Borg hunt down or flee enemies as he has very little escape abilities. You can also use Arrival if you want to quickly change lanes.

Flicker Mobile Legends
Flicker – MLBB

X.Borg skill explanation and combo

Just like other heroes, X.Borg has 4 skills, consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. The skills and their combinations are explained below.

Passive skills: Firaga armor

X.Borg has 1 HP bar, which is divided into two, namely normal HP and yellow HP armor (Firaga armor). When the HP armor is active, X.Borg has a ranged attack. When the HP armor is depleted, X.Borg will turn to the left joystick and be immune to all kinds of damage in a short amount of time.

In order to replenish HP armor, we must first recharge the energy. HP armor restored by 30% of X.Borg’s maximum HP (green HP).

To fill this energy we need to inflict damage on the target, be it creeps or enemy heroes. If they already have a high temperature, Firaga Supply will be created. Well, we’re going to take this Firaga stash to replenish energy or restore HP armor.

Skill 1: Fire missiles

X.Borg shoots flames in the direction we specified, dealing physical damage for 2 seconds. When the enemy is high in temperature, they will take real damage and a 30% slowing effect.

When HP Armor is not active, this skill has a small angle of fire, but the range of fire is long. Damage caused is also reduced by 60% of the original damage when HP armor is active.

Skill 2: Fire stakes

X.Borg fires 6 fire stakes in the direction we specified with a fan-shaped indicator. 1.7 seconds later, the fire stake returns to X.Borg’s body. Each fire stake deals physical damage. When the fire stake hits the Firaga supply, it will be returned to X.Borg’s body.

When HP armor is inactive, this skill will send the stack of fire further, but the distance between the fire stakes will be shorter.

Skill 3: Last madness

X.Borg charges in the direction we indicated and shoots fire around them, dealing physical damage and causing a 25% slowing effect.

If it hits an enemy during the attack, it will stop and cause a 40% increased slowing effect on the target. This process takes 3 seconds.

After that, X.Borg blows itself up to deal physical damage and 15% real damage from the target’s maximum HP. This explosion will make X.Borg’s HP armor disappear and only deal 50% damage in normal mode. Then this skill can no longer be used.

X.Borg will move back to the joystick after blowing himself up. We can also ignite ourselves directly to stop the flame spray.

Skill combo

To poke at the target, you should use a combination of skill 2 and skill 1. First drag the target with skill 1, then use skill 1 to get the distance closer. You can use this combination to quickly clear minions by dragging all minions onto one point.

When the opponent’s HP dies, use Skill 3 to deal a huge amount of damage. Use Combo Skill 2 and a back for finishing. About that X.Borg skill combo folks.

Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 2> Skill 1

Before starting the above combo, also pay attention to the energy that you have. Keep your energy full so that you can use Skill 3 more often, then pay attention to the situation and the conditions, do not allow yourself to be provoked to take Skill 3 carelessly. If it were so, X.Borg would die very easily.

X.Borg’s strengths and weaknesses

Just like MOBA heroes in general, X.Borg has advantages and disadvantages that we need to know before we can master it. Below are the pros and cons of X.Borg Mobile Legends.

Advantages of X.Borg

Explosion damage AOE: With its third ability, X.Borg can deal high burst damage and is area specific. This skill will not only deal great damage, it will also deal real damage. This skill is very suitable for team fights because the skill range is very broad.

Durability is very strong: X.Borg has a very strong defense for his role as a fighter. He has very thick HP and is very strong when his HP armor is active.

HD regeneration continuously: X.Borg can continuously regenerate HP without having to go back to base. He was able to reactivate the HP armor by simply replenishing his energy. Thus, X.Borg is a fighter who is very difficult to kill.

Don’t use mana: As a hero who has to have spam skills, of course it gets very annoying when you use which system. But that doesn’t apply to X.Borg because he uses an energy system like Fanny and Lesley.

Very easy to use: X.Borg is a hero who is quite easy to use because he has an uncomplicated skill mechanism. It’s just that we have to be really good at using ultimate ability in order not to be stupid.

Weaknesses of X.Borg

Low mobility: for mobility problems, X.Borg is almost like Terizla. Both have slow movements. So it will be long enough for roaming or team fighting.

Heavy Aim at target: All X.Borg skills are surfaces, so it is very difficult to grasp any of the targets. In this way, X.Borg is not very effective in capturing the target of the opposing hero in team combat, especially the opposing carrier hero.

Minimal CC knowledge: As a fighter, X.Borg is very minimal with CC skills. The CC effect he gives is just a slow effect and a small move with his second ability.

Skill 3 can make mistakes: Incorrect use of Skill 3 will only result in an error for the team. We could die stupid if we used this skill incorrectly. Timing is one factor that determines the success of this skill.

Best counter X.Borg

X.Borg is very weak when it comes to heroes with very high burst damage like Grange, Karrie and Lunox. Especially in combination with CC heroes like Chou and Kaja.

Best opponent X.Borg

X.Borg is very strong against all tanks and fighters, even in the late game. He is also very strong against marksmen in the early to middle game.

X.Borg’s best friend

Almost all X.Borg skills are area, especially the third skill. In addition, he also has very little CC knowledge. Therefore he is very good in combination with heroes with Area CC like Tigreal and Minotaur.

How to Fix X.Borg. plays

Early games

At the start of the game, X.Borg can effectively solo lane. Even he can buff solo if possible. But try to play solo lane over or under with clear minions with skill combinations 1 and 2.

Our main focus in this phase is to reach level 4 as quickly as possible. Then roam the center to eliminate the minions. If possible, you can cut your opponent’s minions so you can farm more freely.

Medium game

In this phase we have to be able to move properly. Because the job of an off-lancer is not only to stay in lane, but also to know the correct roaming. Try to figure out when the time is right to eliminate minions and roaming.

Make sure you already own the Bloodlust Ax core item before joining the team fight. If you already have these items it will be very difficult to kill X.Borg.

Late game

In this phase the burst damage caused by Skill 3 is already very high, it can even kill several enemy heroes at once. But you don’t just zoom, you have to pay attention to the situation and the conditions. If possible, just join the team fight. Wait for a tanker to take off.

These are the discussion boards this time about tutorials and build items X.Borg Mobile Legends. You can experiment with the rest and adapt it to your particular gameplay. Hopefully useful and have fun playing ^^


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