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10 types of hero skins in Mobile Legends & Levels | Games – There is a skin feature in Mobile Legends game to change the appearance of each hero so that it doesn’t look boring and to give the hero a power status. The skins published by the developers each have a class level that ranges from the ordinary ones with the cheapest prices to skins that can only be bought by Sultan players.

Not only can skins change their appearance and add power hero status, but they can also increase player confidence in ranked matches. For those of you who want to know what skin type and skin class you currently have, TeknoGeng has a full round-up here.

List of 10 Kinds of Skin Hero Mobile Legends & Levels:

1. Standard skin

Skin standard Alucard

The first is a standard skin, this is the cheapest skin in the Mobile Legends game. This skin does not change the hero much, usually only changes the colors and the style of clothing. For the price of standard skins, the average is only 200 diamonds.

2. Elite skins

Skin elite miya

Elite skins are actually pretty good because they have cool hero skins with animations when using skills in the game. However, many say that this skin type is still low as it is called elite, even though the average price is over 400 diamonds.

3rd season skins

Skin Season Hylos

Well, if that one skin by Moonton is given away for free at the time of the season change to players who have reached at least the master level in the previous season. This skin type is pretty cool too but can’t be proud of as it is available for free. Haha.

4. Starlight skin


To get a skin with the Star label you have to become a Starlight member, for example in November 2021 the price is the Grock – Island Golem skin. Skin Star has a cool effect in the game, it will also be proof that you are a player who dares to invest. To become a Starlight member, you need to prepare around 550-1100 diamonds.

5. Zodiac skins

Skin Zodiac Helcurt

To get the Zodiac skin, it takes around 1000 diamonds to summon it, with 20 points being awarded for a single summon. Summon until you have 100 points, you will automatically receive the published Zodiac skin. For example, there is currently a Zodiac Helcurt skin.

6. Special skins


Next up is the special skin that is usually present when celebrating certain moments. There is, for example, the Miya Suzuhime Skin or the Alucard Romantic Skin, which was released on Valentine’s Day, and many more that were released by Moonton for players who always follow the trend.

7. Limited skins


If this type of skin is limited, it will only be available for certain events and only for a few heroes. To get it, you need to buy products from manufacturers that work with Mobile Legends. The design of this skin usually follows the mascot of the product being offered. The Miya – Honor Skin, for example, is the result of Moonton’s collaboration with the smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

8. Epic skins

Skin Epic Miya

Any player who has this skin should be proud because this skin changes the hero’s appearance along with great skill effects when used in the push rank. Some of these skins are also only available at limited events, for example the epic skin Miya – Christmas Carnival.

9. Tournament skins


Every time a major tournament takes place, Moonton releases a special skin as a symbol of the tournament. At the 2021 M1 World Championship tournament, Moonton made the Skin Aldous – King of Supermacy, which is available for purchase by contributing players Esports Pass for 899 diamonds.

10. Skin legend

Skin legend Alucard

The latter is a special skin that was only released for Sultan players. This type of skin is only available in limited events for a pretty fantastic price, as it can be obtained as far as possible just by spinning the magic wheel, which means you will have to give up 270 diamonds for a chance to play. To make sure you get this skin, you need to prepare thousands of diamonds.

So these are the types of hero skins in the Mobile Legends game according to their level. So far, only Miya and Alucard heroes have all of these types of skins.

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