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The 5 Most Used Tank Heroes In Meta Mobile Legends Today!

After the M2 Mobile Legends tournament and several professional tournaments, it leaves a deep impression on every match that takes place. Each competing team tries to determine the best meta-hero strategy to win the game.

In a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) each team of 5 players plays a role. One of them is a hero with a tank role, each team tries to build a tank hero so that they can help from the core hero in their team to take buffs, rip the opponent’s strategy and others.

Here are the 5 most used tank heroes in Mobile Legends in the current meta and an explanation of their build items:

1. Silvanna

Silvanna MLBB 27a40

Some of the professional role fighter heroes develop Silvanna into a tank in every match. With skills Imperial justice who can block enemy heroes, Silvanna can be made into a hero with a very dangerous tank role for any opponent.

Build items: Tough Boots, Courage Mask, Dominance Ice, Athena’s Shield, Immortality, Queen’s Wings.

Silvanna tank e53c5

2. Bavaria

Baxia ML cb485

This one tank hero is very often played in every professional tournament by playing Baxia shield unit with stun and damage effects, skills Shield of the spirit which has slow effect and damage and has a stuck effect when hit by an enemy and is the ultimate skill The performance of the turtle can slow down opposing heroes and draw the opposing hero’s HP. Hence, Baxia is one of those heroes who, with any skill he has, can disrupt the enemy’s strategy.

Build items: warrior boots, cursed helmet, domination ice, Athena’s shield, immortality, oracle.

Baxia tank dbc9a

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3. Tiger

Tigreal ML 22c9c

Tigreal becomes a very strong tank hero who helps the meta in the team. With skills Holy lobster push the opponent and implosion as an ultimate ability that can suck any nearby enemy hero by dealing 270 damage (+ 130% total damage) physical attack) and cause effects numb For 1.5 seconds this turns the core of his team into a kill.

Build items: warrior boots, courage mask, Athena’s shield, ancient cuirass, queen’s wings, immortality.

Tigreal tank f506c

4. jaw head

Mandibular head ML 995c8

Jaw with skill Ejector which can throw his enemy in the direction he wants and deal 300 damage (+ 80% total) physical attack) and cause effects numb to the opposing target hero for 0.5 seconds.

Build items: sturdy boots, courage mask, domination ice, ancient cuirass, Antena’s shield, wings of the queen

Jawhead tank 1bb8d

5. Johnson

Johnson ML 3b9f0

And finally there is Johnson with a tank hero who is very annoying to any opponent with one of his skills, namely Quick set-up. Competencies what can make of this hero a car that can be driven around Folder This can help his teammates figure out the location of each enemy hero and can also be a ride for his team’s hero War ties.

Build items: quick boots, courage mask, fleeting time, ancient cuirass, Athena’s shield, immortality

Johnson tank 128bc

These are the 5 tank heroes most used in the current Mobile Legends meta. These heroes are the right choice because they are considered ideal and the best choice in team play.

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