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How to Set the Best Auto Headshot for Free Fire Sensitivity!

When playing Free Fire, the shooting factor (aiming) plays an important role in skirmishes and duels with shots. But do you know how to freely adjust the fire sensitivity so you have a better chance of an automatic headshot and booyah! Well, this time we’re going to discuss some of the best and newest Free Fire sensitivities in 2021!

For the survivors (as Free Fire players) who have been playing this FPS game (first person shooter) for a long time, they have of course also found out how to adjust the controls or the sensitivity depending on the style of play. That means those of you who are new to the game can do the same too. Would you like to know how to set a good sensitivity in this game from Garena? Skuy, let’s keep looking together.

This is how you set the best sensitivity in open fire

Free Fire allows players to adjust the sensitivity level as well as the button configuration for the convenience of gaming. Besides using the default settings, we can also customize it ourselves.

This is where many have to figure out how to set the best Free Fire sensitivity as it has to be careful and affect the gameplay. There is no need to hurry because setting the sensitivity cannot take up to 5 minutes.

Open the free fire game
First of all, you need to open Free Fire first. Wait a moment to go to the main page.

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Enter settings
After calling up the main page, you can access the settings menu by pressing the button with the jagged symbol (Settings).

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Login sensitivity
After that, you can select the Sensitivity tab from the list on the left

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Adjust sensitivity
Now we can adjust the sensitivity as desired. We can adjust the sensitivity in general when using red point scopes to AWM scopes.

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Best Free Fire Sensitivity Auto Headshot

Setting the auto headshot sensitivity setting is important and will really help you out while shooting in the Free Fire game. As with shooter games in general, the head is the deadliest part in the Free Fire game. If you manage to take a headshot or headshot, the enemy will automatically return to the lobby with just 1-2 shots.
Set the sensitivity value of the weapon telescope according to the following settings. This is to reduce recoil and make it easier to get a grip on the head of the enemy who is the target of the shot.

Free fire sensitivity 2021

Free fire sensitivity settings

Free Fire 2021 sensitivity ede45

General 100
Red dot sight 45
2x riflescope 95
4x riflescope 85
AWM rifle scope 100

Best free fire sensitivity

How to set the sensitivity of Free Fire 3 69336.  a

Look around: 50
Red dot sight: 55
2x scope: 55
4x area: 55
AWM area: 10

Latest Free Fire Sensitivity

How to adjust the sensitivity of Free Fire 555 e32ba

Look around: 46
Red dot sight: 8
2x scope: 6
4x scope: 4
AWM area: 0

Well, that’s the guide on how to adjust the sensitivity and how to adjust the FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity. Grab your smartphone or log into a PC with an emulator and immediately prove the effects when fighting or fighting gunfights in Free Fire. Enjoy Booyah! And don’t forget to share this article.

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