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The 5 best Genshin Impact characters to choose from

Character selection in Genshin Impact is very important. There are currently 24 types of characters to choose from, each of which is unique in terms of elemental skills, weapons, and passive bonuses for activities.

Additionally, the fight in Genshin Impact is influenced by the team’s singer. It is not uncommon for players to constantly change characters in order to use the combination of individual character skills.

At the start of the game, players are given several free characters. Most of this, however, is obtained from loot boxes called Wishes. Of course, most of the best five-star characters are extremely rare. Remember, that doesn’t mean you have to select them to complete the mission. Although, due to its unmatched strength, it will certainly help speed up the process.

Come on, let’s go straight to the list of the top five Genshin Impact characters who are the most flexible and best for other team members to combine.




Genshin Impact Venti
Image source: miHoYo

Element: Anemone (wind)

Weapons: arc

Venti is the most sought after character by gamers because of his superior spectator control skills. His sky sonnet can summon wind, which inflicts damage on all enemies and gives him time to find the right position. It’s also the most useful elemental skill when fighting multiple enemies. Holding the button will allow Venti to ride the wind and deal extra damage (although the cooldown is increased).

Not to mention his ultimate Wind’s Grand Ole, where Venti fires wind arrows that attract all enemies and deal damage.

The Venti Skill can deal fatal damage when combined with other elementals. For example, if the skill touches the Hydro / Cyro / Electro / Pyro element, it gives additional damage and scatter effects.

Passive venti is also very useful as it reduces the amount of stamina required while flying by 25%. In combination with other characters this percentage can increase!

Once you get this five star character, don’t get confused anymore and immediately prioritize Venti over other Anemo characters.


Effect of Qiqi Genshin
Image source: miHoYo

Element: Cyro (ice)

weapon: Sword

Undoubtedly, the award for the best healer goes to that one character. When Qiqi deals damage to opponents with normal attacks, Qiqi heals all team members. You can focus on more aggressive battles without having to constantly switch other units.

This healing scale is affected by their attack stats. So make sure to use items that improve qiqi’s attack statistics.

The damage done by the skill is quite large and can temporarily freeze the enemy. The ultimate, keeper of luck, gives enemies who constantly deal damage the cyro effect. Combined with the ultimate elemental electro, it doubles the damage and kills the enemy in seconds!



diluc genshin impact
Image source: miHoYo

Element: Pyro (fire)

Weapons: Claymore

This five star character with elements is the best DPS in the game. Its melee damage creates bursts of fire with tremendous damage.

The Searing Rush skill can be used three times in a row before a 10-second cooldown begins. This amount of attack is enough to burn multiple enemies and combine them with other elements for extra damage.

Diluc’s Elemental Burst, Dawn, activates a phoenix that explodes, dealing massive damage! After that, the weapon receives additional Pyro damage for a while.

No wonder Diluc is the strongest character in Genshin Impact. You can also stun enemies with Venti and then use Diluc to take them down with their DPS damage.


fischer genshin blow
Image source: miHoYo

Elements: Electric

Weapons: arc

Fischl is a four-star Gothic-style character who travels with his crow named Oz. As a carrier of a bow weapon, he can use a safe distance when fighting enemies.

This crow is key to its elemental skills as it continuously inflicts electrical damage on the enemy. There is a 25 second cooldown after using his elementary skill Nightrighter. This time can be used to change other characters for DPS, as well as to generate elemental combinations generated by the crow.

During his ultimate, Midnight Phantasmagoria, Fischl transforms into a crow, increasing his mobility and automatically dealing electric damage to nearby enemies. This skill can be combined with other characters’ ultimate abilities for deadly elemental combinations. For example the superconductivity combination (Cyro + Electro).


Keqing Genshin impact
Image source: miHoYo

Element: Electric

Weapons: sword

Keqing is one of the characters with the strongest DPS and has pretty good posability due to his elemental abilities. Using Stellar Rotation, Keqing throws an electric ball and marks the area with AOE electric damage. If he used the skill again, Keqing would teleport into the area and injure the enemy with his electric sword. This skill is very useful for triggering electro-elemental reactions.

The damage done by his ultimate Starward Sword is also huge, as he unleashes the power of an electric sword that hurts all enemies in front of him. Similar to Fischl, Keqing’s skill was useful in ending expeditions quickly, especially in Liyue.

In the future, MiHoYo could improve and weaken the character. Or bring in a new, much more powerful character. This list can change at any time. Just keep watching this page so it continues to be updated with the best Genshin Impact characters!


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