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The 5 most hidden luxury chest locations in Genshin Impact

For those of you who have played Genshin Impact for a long time, you are definitely after this treasure, right?

Luxurious Chest is one of the four types of chests in Genshin Impact. Unlike other chests, luxury chests are very rare and their contents are filled with myriad unique items. Players can obtain Luxury Chests in a number of different ways or locations, including:

  • In a hidden place
  • When you have successfully completed the puzzle
  • Unlock the Shrine of the Deep with the Moonstand Key / Liyue Shrine of the Deep
  • Complete certain world quests

Well, although these chests are scattered all over the world of Teyvat, some of these locations are very hidden and it can take dozens of adventure hours to find them. For this, Mimin has prepared a list of the most hidden luxury chest locations in the world of Genshin Impact.

Below are tips and locations for the luxury chest at Genshin Impact. Let’s just follow!


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1. Luxurious chest near the waterfall

the location of the luxurious chest genshin impact under the waterfall

The first very easy to reach place in Mondstadt is near the Sturmträgerberg, under the waterfalls. This place is near Anemo Hypostasis.

If you are confused about the location, from the boss location, follow the direction of the river eastwards to the end. On a pillar in front of the waterfall you will find a luxurious chest. Remember that you have to fly slowly as this area is very small.

Luxurious chest on the pillar of Mondsthat Tiang waterfall

2. Luxurious chest on Hidden Island

2. Location luxurious chest Genshin Impact Secret Island

Hidden like this, this one place is not visible when you open the map. You can see this island on Starsnatch Cliff. From there, point the camera west.

From the Starsnatch cliff, ready to eat to rejuvenate stamina. You can also use an Ice Elemental Hero (Cyro) to build an ice bridge and have a Wind Elemental Hero (Anemo) assist you.

luxurious chest hidden island
Hidden island luxury tranquility

When you get to the hidden island you will have to look for a sundial and there is a luxury chest just below it. Not only can you take luxury chests there, but you can also take quests to add Adventure XP.

3. Luxurious chest on the Beidou ship

the third location of the Beidou Genshin impact ship
Image source: @ Lelouch89

This ship near Liyue city is very difficult to find. The location of this ship is more precisely in the southeast of the Guyun Stone Forest.

At the Geo Hypostasis location (in the Guyun Stone Forest), climb the highest mountain and then fly (glide) to the ship.

The reason is that there you have to fly around the sea with the help of the wind. Try to improve your stamina and don’t forget to bring plenty of food. If you want to save stamina while flying (gliding), you can use Amber or Venti signs.

luxurious breastship beidou

When you reach the Beidou ship, climb to the top of the flagpole to get Geoculus. After that, you can see the luxurious chest on another pillar. Fly slowly to the pole. Don’t forget to find three ordinary chests on the ship in addition to the luxury chest.



4. Luxurious chest near the moon city god statue

Luxurious chest location at the god statue moon city

In the city of Mondstadt itself, there are plenty of luxurious chests to be found. One of them is near the statue of the god Anemo.

When you are at that red dot (see picture) you will find a flash of light that indicates that there is a mini-puzzle there. Follow the twinkle to the end, being careful not to fall over as you follow the puzzle. Solve the puzzle and you will find a luxurious chest.

5. Luxurious chest on Sky Island Qingyun Peak

Luxurious chest position on the sky island

One of the lesser known locations for luxury chests is on the Sky Island on Qingyun Peak, the highest mountain in Liyue.

Once at the top, you will find a stone monument that will lead your character to the sky island. As you interact with the stone, a puzzle will appear. Well, you have to solve the puzzle first before going to the sky island.

Based on this puzzle, you have to find three sacred bird statues near the stone monument. You have to rotate each statue so that it leads to the Qingyun peak.

Location of the luxurious Brust Qingyun Summit

  • Statue 1: It is located in the southern part of Qingyun Peak, near the Statue of Seven. Twist it twice to activate it.
  • Statue 2: Above Mount Aozang, in a south-westerly direction. Turn three times.
  • Statue 3: On Mount Hulao, in the west. Play once.

If successful, return to the stone monument and interact again to trigger a reaction. Strong winds will take you to the sky island. There is a luxurious chest and two precious chests ready to be opened.

These are 5 places that are very hidden from the luxury chest in Genshin Impact. It’s easy enough if you follow this guide, isn’t it?

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