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Synergy Mage Auto Power Combo Average boss

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!

Today I am giving you information about Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. This time, I’m going to share combo tips suitable for Synergy Mage in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

Combo Synergy Mage Strong

Synergy Magician is a synergy consisting of magician heroes. To activate this synergy mage you need to have 6 synergy mage heroes installed in the magic chess game. Here we need another team hero synergy mage to activate this effect. If there are 3 synergy mage heroes, the magic damage of all heroes on a team increases by 40%. If there are 6 synergy mage heroes, the magic damage of all heroes on a team increases by 125%. Hero assassins include Harith, Alice, Odette, Aurora, Esmeralda, and Cecilion.

This Synergy Mage is very easy to use because it is easy to get and has a High Damage Area of ​​Effect (AOE). This synergy mage can deal area damage that can cause a stunning effect, allowing the enemy to be eliminated quickly. In addition, the synergy mage is made up of several hero mages, if they can activate the synergy mage then everyone in the match can do extra magic damage so that they can quickly defeat the enemy on the battlefield. By using this synergy mage you can not only deal high damage but also encounter other synergy heroes like the synergy shooter as this synergy mage can attack enemies AOE. So this synergy mage is suitable for use as it has high damage and enemies can be eliminated quickly and easily.

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After that we can combine this Synergy Mage Synergy Mage with Synergy Elementarist, Synergy Western and Synergy Blood Demon. With this synergy blood demon there is no need to collect maximum heroes as this synergy blood demon can add 1 synergy hero slot for a synergy capacity of 4 or 6 heroes. With this new synergy, the synergy magician becomes overwhelming.

Benefits of Synergy Mage

  1. Easy to get
  2. Has high damage and area of ​​effect (AOE)
  3. Has crowd control (CC) effect
  4. Become the best counter-synergy shooter and synergy fighter

Here I give 1 good combo for the synergy mage, which is combined with the synergy elemental mage, the synergy vest and the synergy blood demon.

Here is the combo for the synergy mage, take a look at this.

  • Synergy Mage: Esmeralda, Aurora
  • Synergy Western: Minotaur, Khufra, Esmeralda
  • Synergy Elementalist: Valir, Vale
  • Synergy The King: Odette, Harith
  • Synergy Blood Demon: Cecilion, Carmilla

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Tips to get this synergy fast

  1. Collect the Synergy Mage Heroes that you get first to activate the Synergy 6 Mage quickly.
  2. Arrange the formations between the heroes close together so that the heroes of the core mage damage cannot be eliminated first
  3. Use the round against attacks by jungle monsters in the selection phase to use synergies with the king, magical items, hero upgrades or commander capacity upgrades.
  4. Use a level 1 Eva commander so that you can inflict extra damage on all heroes of 110 enemies, which can be quickly eliminated to win the game in magical chess.

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!

See you in the next episode, bye!

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