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Season 17 begins !! This is a simple hero who can be pushed into the myths

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!

Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time around, we’re going to talk about heroes who are easy to slide into the mythical Season 17 of Mobile Legend.

Hero Just too mythical to push

Season 17 has started and you have certainly claimed the bonus to get BP Coins and Eudora’s Countess Scarlet Season Skin. Which ranks did you reach last season? Epic, legendary or mythical? Surely the time has now plunged into the epic in the new season, right? Hehe the same then. Oh yeah, when we talk about the new season, it seems that you’re confused about heroes who can easily be pushed back to the mythical level. Don’t worry, I will recommend any hero who can be easily brought to the mythical level. Look at that !!.

Here is a hero who pushes Mithic easily

1. Ling

Hero ling mobile legend

Ling is a heroic assassin with extraordinary abilities where Ling can jump from wall to wall quickly and move anywhere on the battlefield and Ling can quickly escape danger. Ling has the Defiant Sword skill that can deal permanent critical damage, and this skill can deal large burst damage. In addition, Ling has a very deadly ultimate ability that allows him to jump in the air and turn off his swordsmanship and become invincible and move freely and cause a high knock effect area. So this ultimate skill can help Ling avoid fatal damage, and Ling can cause a crowd control effect when hitting an opponent with the core of this skill. By touching the field eye, Ling can reset Defiant Sword, restore Lightness Point and cause Burst Damage. Well, apart from the pretty strong ability Hero Ling has.

Build Ling

Ling article

2. Bruno

Hero Bruno Mobile Legends

Bruno is a sniper hero with high chest damage. Ever since Moonton reworked Bruno, Bruno has become a hero often used for having very overpowering abilities. Bruno is a low difficulty archer hero so those of you new to the game can learn this hero as it is easy to use. Bruno has a critical damage ability that increases sharply so he can eliminate enemies in no time. Bruno also has the Flying Tackle ability to escape to dodge the opponent’s gank, but the ability even when hitting the opponent can also stun the opponent amazingly.

Build Bruno

Bruno's article

3. Valir

Mobile legend Valir hero

Valir is a hero mage with exceptional crowd control skills. Since Moonton redesigned Valir, it is now used by every mobile legend player. The cause of Valir is often used due to crowd control skills like recoil, stun, and ultimate which can eliminate the crowd control effect given by the enemy. Valir not only has crowd control ability but also has a lot of damage, so Valir is still used until now because it is very overwhelmed. Valir can be a role mage or a support depending on the team’s needs. Valir support is typically used to protect the team’s archer hero from being eliminated by the enemy as it has crowd control skills that will frustrate the enemy.

Build Valir

Valir article

4. Career

Hero Karrie Mobile Legend

Karrie is a deadly sniper hero in mobile legend and is also often selected in ranked mode. Karrie has an ability that can cause real damage to the enemy by ignoring the enemy’s defenses so that the enemy hero will go soft. This is why tank users are afraid of this hero, as Karrie’s damage ignores the enemy’s armor and breaks it automatically. And this Karrie hero is easy to use too, guys.

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5. Granger

Hero Granger cell phone legend

Granger is a sniper hero who has high damage so he can eliminate opponents in no time at all. With this meta-hyper-carry change, Granger is getting very scary. Meta Hyper Carry is a meta that turns a hero into the spearhead of the most painful damage by receiving 2 purple and orange buffs at the same time and which are expected to reach the maximum level potential as soon as possible. When the buff is changed, a meta hyper carry appears. One of the heroes that can be used as a hyper-carry is Hero Granger.

Build a Granger

Granger items

6. Claude

Hero Claude Cell phone legend

Claude is a very meta-shooting hero in the previous season. Claude is a very agile hero and is difficult to pin down because of his extraordinary abilities. Claude has the ability to increase the speed of movement up to 10 times and also can change the position with the dexterity according to the desired position and can also return to the original position, which makes it difficult to record. And the core skill of Claude’s hero is Blazing Duet which can continuously damage a large area of ​​the enemy around him, wow amazing, the enemy has to be flat.

Build Claude

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7. Esmeralda

Hero esmeralda mobile legend

Esmeralda is a hero mage who, at a time when he has a thick shield, is very overpowering and therefore not easy to beat. Even if it is rarely picked up now, Esmeralda is still overwhelmed to lead the team to victory. In addition to a relatively high durability, Esmeralda has the advantage that she can build a shield and take the opponent’s shield close to become a shield for herself. Wow no wonder Esmeralda is hard to beat as she can steal the opponent’s shield. The gameplay of heroine Esmeralda is pretty simple, removing her skills always allows her to approach her enemies quickly.

Build Esmeralda

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8. Xborg

Hero xborg mobile legend

Xborg is a fighter hero who has a fairly high durability and is equipped with Firaga armor that can take any damage to Xborg while the armor is active. With the protection of Firaga armor, Xborg has incredible durability. In addition, xborg has the ultimate ability that can cause very high damage. This powerful ability is suitable for team fighting. High damage can inflict a devastating blow on the enemy.

Build Xborg

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9. Hylos

Hero Hylos Mobile Legend

Hylos is a tank hero who has the highest durability among other tank heroes and is easy to use. Hylos is one of the best armored vehicles on the phone as it has decent damage in addition to great durability. This hylos has ability 2 that can continuously damage the area around enemy heroes and ability 1 that can stun the enemy. In addition, Hylos has the ultimate ability to create a path in the specified direction and give Hylos and his teammates speed of movement along the way. This is Hylos’ special ability that works very well in team fights and makes him one of the best tank drivers in Mobile Legend.

Build Hylos

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10. Chang’e

Hero change'e mobile legend

change is a hero mage with AOE damage abilities. With Chang’e redesigned by Moonton, Chang’e is now used by every mobile legend player. The cause of chang’e is often used because it has the ultimate ability that can inflict great damage on the enemy or steal Buffs or Lords from the enemy. Chang’e has done great harm so far, and until now, Chang’e is still used because it is very overwhelmed.

Build Chang’e

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Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
See you in the next episode, bye!

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