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So you can easily see the position of PUBG Mobile opponents

One of the most important things about playing the PUBG Mobile game is figuring out the location of the PUBG Mobile enemy. PUBG Mobile itself is a battle royale themed game that offers many challenges. So the strategy when playing PUBG Mobile is something to watch out for. You need to prepare this strategy before you start playing the PUBG Mobile game, from landing to looting to going to war in this game. When playing PUBG Mobile games, especially when playing solo mode games, players other than you are enemies ready to attack you anytime, anywhere. Hence, knowing the position of the enemy is the basic knowledge that you need to know while playing the PUBG Mobile game. To find out the location of PUBG Mobile enemies in your area:

Let’s listen How to Know the Location of the PUBG Mobile Enemy

Pay attention to the enemy’s landing location

Know the hostile position of PUBG

If a player has just landed at the start while playing the PUBG Mobile game, the fight will begin. So the most important thing when playing the PUBG Mobile game is knowing the location of your enemy landing. This is useful for those of you who make a fuss at war with the enemy or just want to know your enemy’s location so that you can then move away from that location.

Pay attention to the direction of enemy damage

Also, when you are in a very critical situation, namely when the enemy has started shooting. Then you will be hit by enemy attack damage, it will show a red sign, the sign depends on how painful the enemy damage is on your screen. If you react immediately and quickly by following the direction of the shield, you will know the enemy’s position when they shoot you.

Look for the symbols on the minimap

Know the hostile position of PUBG

The next way is how to look out for the icons that are in the PUBG Mobile game minimap. Using minimaps and checking them back regularly is a strategy to use when playing solo. The minimap has an orange sign that indicates the presence of enemies around you. There are three types of orange markings that appear in the mini-maps. The shield indicates the position of the enemy in different conditions. Here is the explanation.

  • Wheel sign, is a sign that means that there are enemies around you who are using a vehicle. So if you are using a vehicle it will definitely be the focus as the sign will appear.
  • Bullet Mark, is an orange bullet mark that appears when a shot is fired around you. The shot doesn’t have to be aimed at you, but at someone else as well. So you shouldn’t be sloppy when shooting, as the enemies around you will instantly know where you are.
  • Footprints are the riskiest signs because they mean there are enemies around you. besides, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps could be heard. Your near enemy will feel the same way who hears your footsteps. So if you run to dodge your enemy, it will give the enemy a very clear sign of your existence. Featuring PUBG Mobile’s gameplay details through the sound of feet, gunfire and vehicles displaying a notification when there are enemies around you, while also providing your location.

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How to find out the position of the enemy in PUBG Mobile. Are Vexa friends interested in these tips? Or did you even follow these tips? Until next time.

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