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Check iPhone IMEI this way easily and quickly

The iPhone has become one of the main attractions in the world of technology since its appearance a few years ago. The popularity of the iPhone is sure to make some villains take advantage of this moment. They sell refurbished iPhones, replicas, fakes and sell real products but illegally or Black market. Hence, Vexa friends need to make sure that the iPhone they buy is genuine and legal. Well the way is to check your iPhone’s IMEI.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and consists of 15-digit numbers. This number is the production code of a smartphone, so the IMEI of each smartphone is different.

6 Ways to Check iPhone IMEI to Find Authenticity

how to check imei

1. Check the iPhone system settings

You can check your iPhone IMEI in the settings menu with the following steps:

  • Unlock your iPhone screenmate
  • Search menu Settings – General – Info
  • Then you will find information about the iPhone in the menu above like IMEI, serial number, MEID, ICCID and others.

2. Check in SIM tray

The next way to check the iPhone’s IMEI is on the SIM tray or where you put the SIM card in. The iPhone is a little different from other smartphones in that it places the IMEI code on the SIM tray so that users can easily check it.

3. Check the back of the phone

The IMEI number is already listed on the back of the iPhone case or case. Well, this method can be the quickest and easiest step to check the IMEI code for your Vexa iPhone. With the IMEI listed on the back of your iPhone, you can be sure that your phone is genuine. However, if you cannot find the IMEI code, then your iPhone is questionable.

4th Check through iTunes

As we know, iTunes is an application for transferring music or songs on the internet

iPhones. Well, it turns out that this one application can also be used to check your Vexa friend’s IMEI. The method is

  • Make sure you have the iTunes application installed on your PC or computer
  • Next, connect the iPhone to the computer
  • Wait for the iPhone to be recognized in iTunes
  • Once connected, just click on Library on the application and it will automatically show your iPhone data including the IMEI number.

5. Check in iPhone box

Source: Brilio

Not only can you go through applications and iPhone parts, but you can also find out the IMEI on your iPhone box. In the box, you can check various numbers like SKU, IMEI, SN and other information like serial number and iPhone model. Well my friend needs to match the IMEI code listed on the box with the one in the iPhone system to make sure it matches or not.

6th Check via area code * # 06 #

Source: PhoneArena

This last method is a very easy and quick way, friend. You can find out your iPhone’s IMEI by simply pressing a special code in the dial or call menu. Just enter the code * # 06 # and your iPhone IMEI code will appear instantly.

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Shut down

Now that you know the different ways to check iPhone IMEI above, you still need to match it friend, is it the same between methods? If there is a difference, your iPhone is not real. In addition, it is recommended for my friend to check whether the iPhone that I bought is official or not. You do this by entering the IMEI code on the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia website. Might be useful.

Source: CNBC Indonesia,,

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