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Shotgun Incubator FF: This is the leaked price and stats and

The Shotgun Incubator FF-M1014 is reportedly chosen as a weapon whose skin is released in the Incubator.

You can get this M1014 skin for free at the Rampage event by becoming the Top 100 Carnage Points.

For those of you who can’t get in the top 100, you can get this shotgun skin through the incubator.

Shotgun Incubator FF

Go on a round to collect blueprints and evolution stones to get the Free Fire Shotgun Incubator Skin.

Shotgun Incubator FF: The Complete List of Static!

This time we are going to leak the stats and prices of this M1014 shotgun skin incubator

That way, you can know which shotgun incubator skin to get.

Skin M1014 Apocalyptic Dark

You can only get this M1014 Apocalyptic Dark Incubator Skin by exchanging 1 blueprint and 3 evolution stones. Skin M1014 Apocalyptic Dark

This adds 1 point of damage, decreases 1 point of reload speed, and also adds 2 points of ammo.

Skin M1014 Apocalyptic Green

This M1014 Apocalyptic Green skin is not too expensive, but it has quite satisfactory statistics.

You can get the M1014 Apocalyptic Skin with 1 blueprint and 3 evolution stones.

This apocalyptic green skin can add 1 point rate of fire, add 2 points range, but reduce reload speed 1 point.

Skin M1014 Apocalyptic Gold

With 2 blueprints and also 5 evolution stones you get this M1014 Apocalyptic Gold Skin. This apocalyptic gold skin does 2 damage and 1 point of range, but decreases 1 point of accuracy.

Skin M1014 Apocalyptic Red

This M1014 Apocalyptic Skin is the most expensive M1014 incubator skin series. You can buy this skin by spending 3 blueprints and 7 evolution stones.

Equivalent to what you paid for, this M1014 Apocalyptic Skin gives you an additional rate of fire of 2 points, an additional reload speed of 1 point and a reduction in ammunition by 1 point.

That’s a leak via the Free Fire Incubator Shotgun that is coming out soon.

Hopefully we can all collect lots of evolution stones and blueprints so that we can get the M1014 Apocalyptic Skin we want. Might be useful!

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