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MyXL Top Up FF: Buy diamonds cheaper here Bro

MyXL Top Up FF – With the myXL application you can not only check and buy credit and internet allotments. There are additional functions in the myXL application that you can use.

One of the functions that you can use in the myXL application is the game load function.

You can load different games through the myXL application. One of the games that can be topped up through the myXL application is the Free Fire game.

MyXL charging FF
MyXL charging FF

To learn more about how to top up Free Fire Diamonds on myXL, read this article carefully.

Diamond FF top-up price on myXL

The top-up price for Free Fire diamonds on MyXL is actually cheaper than topping up on sites like Codashop.

The following is a list of Free Fire Diamond top-up prices in the myXL application:

  • 5 diamonds = Rp.1,000
  • 12 diamonds = Rp.2,000
  • 50 diamonds = Rp.8,000
  • 70 diamonds = IDR 10,00010
  • 140 diamonds = 20,000 Rp.
  • 355 diamonds = Rp.50,000
  • 720 diamonds = IDR 100,000.1
  • 1450 diamonds = 200,000 Rp.
  • 2180 diamonds = Rp.300,000

Charge myXL cheaper?

Compared to paying with XL credit at Codashop, buying diamonds at myXL is cheaper.

If you want to buy 140 diamonds at Codashop with XL credit, you have to pay Rp.29,000 credits. If, on the other hand, you buy directly from myXL, you only have to spend Rp. 20,000 credits.

Let’s compare the price of the Free Fire Diamond package at Codashop and myXL again. If you buy 2180 diamonds at Codashop via XL credit payments, you have to spend 400,000 Rp. Credit.

In the meantime, when you buy through myXL, you only have to spend Rp. 300,000 in credit.

How to charge Free Fire on myXL

To recharge Free Fire Diamonds using the myXL application:

  1. First open the myXL app. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to install it from the Play Store or App Store first. Remember that this myXL application is only for XL card customers.
  2. After entering the myXL application, you can click on the My Package menu and then select Buy Package.
  3. Scroll down and then click on the entertainment menu.
  4. Press the Free Fire button in the Charge area.
  5. Enter your Free Fire ID in the column provided, then choose how much you want to top up.
  6. When you’ve done that, you can hit the Submit button. Wait for the recharge details to appear, then press the Submit button.
  7. The charging process for Free Fire diamonds with myXL is complete. You can take part in the Free Fire game to check your diamonds.

That is the information that we can convey through myXL Recharge Free Fire.

Since the top-up method on myXL is easier and the top-up price is also cheaper, there is nothing wrong with topping up myXL. That’s all of us, hopefully useful!

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