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PUBG's Most Expensive Skin: Here is the list Sultan must buy

PUBG’s Most Expensive Skin – Ever wondered what is the most expensive skin in PUBG? As many people know, PUBG publishes a lot of exclusive skins that can cost up to millions of rupees.

Even so, there are still a lot of people who collect expensive skins in PUBG.

This time we’re going to discuss the most expensive PUBGM skin. If you’re curious about PUBGM’s most expensive skin and its price, then you’ve read the right article.

Look to the end to find out the most expensive skin in the PUBGM game.

PUBG’s most expensive skins

Most of the skins in PUBG can be bought in the shop with UC. However, there are some skins that are not available in the shop.

Skins that are not in the shop are rare skins that are hard to come by.

Some skins can only be obtained through Gacha at certain events.

Since everyone’s gacha results are different, the price of skins in gacha events can vary from player to player.

PUBG’s most expensive skin price

We’re going to mention some of the most expensive skins in the PUBGM game.

But you have to keep in mind that the price of this PUBG skin may vary, so the price we are quoting is just a rough price.

Below is a list of the most expensive PUBGM skins and their prices:

Golden Pharaoh X suit

This Pharaoh Gold X-Suit Skin or Pharaoh Skin is indeed the most expensive skin in PUBGM. The price of this Golden Pharaoh X-Suit Skin can even reach 32 million rupees.

M416 the fool

The position of the most expensive PUBGM skin is then filled with the M416 skin The Fool. The price of this M416 The Fool Skin can even go as high as 15 million rupiah.

M416 glacier

This M416 Glacier skin is also one of the expensive skins in the PUBG game.

PUBG's most expensive skins
PUBG Expensive Skins

You can get this Glacier M416 skin by spending up to 13 million rupiah.

M416 call of nature

The skin of M416 is again one of the most expensive PUBGM skins.

The M $ 16 Call of Nature skin series also costs about 13 million rupees.

M16A4 blood & bones

Would you like to receive this M16A4 Blood & Bones skin? Then you can spend up to 12 million rupiah to get the M16A4 Blood & Bones skin.

AKM glacier

The price of AKM Glacier is really high too, so don’t be surprised if this skin is on PUBGM’s list of Most Expensive Skins. You can spend 12 million to get the AKM glacier skin.

AWM field commander

The second most expensive PUBG skin is the AWM Field Commander skin, the price of which can reach 10 million rupiah. You can set aside 10 million if you want to get this AWM skin.

This is the list of the 7 most expensive skins in the PUBG game. Enough of this discussion of the most expensive skin in PUBG, hopefully it will come in handy!

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