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Chou Iori Yagami KOF Skin Price and How to Get It

KOF Chou Skin Price and How to Get It – This King of Fighter (KOF) skin is a limited edition skin that was the result of Moonton’s collaboration with the game company SNK.

There are several heroes who receive this KOF skin, including Chou, Karina, Aurora, Guinevere, Gusion, and Dyrroth.

One of the KOF skins that is pretty cool and gets attention is Chou Iori Yagami’s KOF skin.

Well, recently Moonton opened an event called King of Fighter Bingo where you can get KOF Chou skin, KOF Aurora skin, KOF Karina skin and also KOF Gusion skin.

KOF Chou Skin Prize
KOF Chou Skin Prize

In addition to KOF skins, you can also get epic skins, special skins, normal skins, fragments, emotes, and other attractive prizes. For those of you who want to get the KOF Chou Skin, you have to attend this one event.

How to get KOF CHOU Skin

How to get the KOF Chou-Skin at the KOF Bingo event:

  1. First go to the main page of the KOF Bingo event.
  2. After that you can hit the prize pool button if you would like to see a list of the prizes in the King of Fighter bingo event.
  3. Then you can choose whether you want to draw 1x or 10x. 1x drawing can be carried out by spending 225 diamonds and is reduced to 112 in the first drawing. A 10-fold drawing requires 2250 diamonds and is reduced to 1575 on the first drawing.
  4. When you have made 10 draws, bingo will open. Plus, if you draw 10 times, you’re guaranteed to get an epic skin.
  5. When you get three bingo lines that form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, you can get a random KOF skin. In other words, it takes you at least 10 times 3 times to get the KOF skin.
  6. Draw with the diamonds you have until you get Chou Iori Yagami’s KOF skin.

How much does Chous KOF Skin cost?

Because to get a KOF skin you need at least 10 draws three times, so you need at least 6075 diamonds (1575 + 2250 + 2250) to get Chou’s KOF skin.

To top up 6030 diamonds you have to spend 1,500,000 Rp.

If you are unlucky you will need 6075+ diamonds. How many diamonds are spent depends on your luck in drawing.

Of course, if you pull, you will get other skin prizes too. So you don’t just get Chous KOF skin if you spend at least 6,030 diamonds to pull it.

That’s roughly the price of Chou Iori Yagami’s KOF skin at the KOF Bingo event. Hopefully this information will be useful for Chou players looking to get the Iori Yagami mobile legend skin. Good luck and good luck!

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