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More sadistic! Natalia von Moonton revised | Games – Moonton is reworking Natalia’s heroes again. Hero actually wasrevise around the middle of last year. I don’t know if it’s rarely used or what, now that hero is backrevise.

This overhaul is very important in your ultimate ability. This skill allows Natalai to spend more of his passives. He will switch to stealth mode more often and of course other effects can be used again.

In fact, not only was the ultimate skill changed, other skills were also changed. The changes are just not too big.

What has changed from Natalia these? Check out his review below.

Passive skills: Assassin instinct

Natalia deals 15% additional damage when attacking behind the enemy’s target hero.

When Natalia is in the bush for 2 seconds, she switches to stealth mode, that is, she becomes invisible for 5 seconds. It becomes visible when it causes or suffers damage.

In stealth mode, Natalia’s movement speed increases by 15% and her automatic attack teleports to the target from behind.

The normal attack deals 450 (+ 90% total physical ATK) physical damage and silences the enemy for 0.6 seconds.

Before the revision, the silence effect is long enough, namely 1 second. Only the additional damage is not as high as it is now. But now we can spend this effect more often because we can spam the ultimate skill.

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Skill 1: Claw Dash

Natalia will do it Line in the direction we set and give physical harm when it hits its target. We can use this skill again when the first shot hits the target.

To the damage actually not much different than before revise, just for removal Line somewhat shortened to shorter.

Skill 2: Smoke bomb

Natalia will throw Smoke bomb which lasts 4 seconds. The enemy inside Smoke bomb will be affected dragging by 40%.

Meanwhile, Attack speed Natalia will increase 25% when she is inside Smoke bomb and he will be immune to everything Basic attack.

In front revise, Effect dragging on the opponent who is inside Smoke bomb by 55% and Attack speed Natalia increased by 30%. So we can say that these two skills are easynerf.

Ultimate Skills: Cold blooded stranglinG

Before that, Natalia constantly scratched at the opponent and there was an effect dragging to the goal of 40%. Good at stains Lately, this ability has changed radically.

Now Natalia will enter Stealth mode without having to stand in the bushes beforehand. Basic attackit is increased by 30 points for 3 seconds.

This skill can be used again within 5 seconds. That way, this Ultimate Skill can be used 2 times.

The revision of this skill will allow him to use his passive skills more frequently. In this way he will switch to stealth mode more often, his movement speed will be increased and of course he will have a more silent effect more often.

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Moonton is more focused on increasing the damage in this latest makeover from Natalia. After we tried, Natalia’s damage was already very high in the early game. This will of course make it a little more worthwhile in the early game.

But the negative side is that the silence effect is reduced again. Previously, the silence effect of this passive skill was 1 second. Now this effect is only 0.6 seconds. In addition, the attack speed is slightly reduced when using the second skill.

This is very unfortunate indeed, considering that this silence is Natalia’s trademark. This skill can silence heroes who, like other assassins, rely on skill combinations.

You can see this change in more detail in the video Elgin Mobile Legends under.

These are the discussion boards this time about the latest Natalia revision. What do you think of Natalia’s overhaul? Share your thoughts in the comments column.

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