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Have to know! This is the Jungle Monster feature in Mobile Legends | Games – One way to increase gold and level in Mobile Legends game is by farming in the jungle. In order to be able to farm properly and efficiently, we of course first have to know what function each jungle monster has and which heroes it should have.

The existence of jungle monsters in the Land of Dawn is an important aspect that can change the course of the game. Moonton as the developer has made many updates to this jungle monster gang.

In this article, TeknoGeng will be discussing all of the jungle monsters in Mobile Legends. The discussion in this article is timely. Let’s check out the review below.

Blue buff – snake

This jungle monster appears in the 30th second since the start of the game and will Update 2 minutes if someone kills him. This monster is on the side middle row.

Blue buff monster. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

Creep of blue buff it will attack us any second while there is Physical harm by 100% attack. If we kill them, they will fall 3 fruits which disappears after 5 seconds. We will recover 153 (+ 1% total physical ATK) HP and 0.2% mana if you take it.

If we can kill Blue buff, we get a polishing. polishing it will reduce cooling down our hero’s skill by 10%, mana consumption by 40% and energy consumption by 25%.

We will restore HP based on the type of unit attacked, when polishing of Snake still active. If the unit we are killing is a servant, it will recover 3% HP. If what we’re killing is a hero, it will recover 8% HP. If the killed one is a creep, he will recover 12% HP.

For whom is it suitable?

Snake or Blue buff This is very suitable for heroes who rely heavily on skills like mages and assassins. Because the heroes who Spam skills Needs a lot of mana or energy, of course Skill cooldown short.

Usually the hero who gets that blue buff is Midlaner whose roles are often assigned Assassin or magician. Because these two hero roles are very dependent on skill. Assassin heroes like Ling and Fanny are also in great need blue buff so that energy consumption is not wasteful.

Red Buff – Fiend

Red buff it is between middle row and lower lane. The location can be reached via Midlaner or Safelans. Just like Blue Buff, Red buff also appears in the 30th second since the game started and reappears every 2 minutes.

Red Buff Monster. Photo: TeknoGeng.ID

devil will strike back at us every 1 second giving Physical harm around 100% attack. If the monster is successfully killed, it will fall 3 fruits which disappears after 5 seconds. The hero who gets the three fruits will recover 153 (+ 1% attack) HP and 0.2 mana.

When it kills Red buff, our hero seems to be protected for 2 minutes by lava that is called out Soul of lava. Now this lava attacks our opponent’s target once and gives damage Supplements and Effects dragging for 1 second based on the role of the hero we are using.

If the roles that killed the Red Buff were assassins, fighters, and tanks, they would give Real harm as big as 50 (+ 50% total physical ATK) and effects dragging by 80%. In the meantime, if those who killed him were snipers, magicians, and supporters, then the real damage inflicted was 50 (+ 80% total physical ATK) and effects dragging by 30%.

For whom is it suitable?

So far, this ref buff is very suitable for archer heroes. Additionally real harm they benefited greatly from these monsters. Because although in early game, damage they will really feel. It becomes even more effective when combined with items Raptor machete.

However, Sagittarius must give in when there are other heroes who need it more, like mages and assassins.

Goldbuff – Crab

crab or often referred to as hermit crabs or snails, is located in the top lane. Little crab appears in the 45th second since the start of the game and reappears every 15 seconds. Little crab will and will transform into an adult crab in the 90th second Update every 2 minutes.

Crab or hermit crab. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

Little crab or crab Adults attack every 1 second by giving 100% attack.

If we can kill Little crab, then our hero gets 30 gold another 9 seconds. When killing crab Adults get 100 gold For 30 seconds.

For whom is it suitable?

crab or Gold buff very suitable for heroes Veinbe it a magician or an assassin. The two hero roles really need it in early game So they can level up quickly and earn gold. We leave the rest to it Gold buff it to other heroes like fighters who are usually in top lane.

We can steal too crab Opponent in lower lane. Now for the shooter, we can get it by stealing it from the opponent. But need to be supported by teammates.


Lithographers is a monster jungle very good guys. Because if we attack him, he won’t strike back. He will be indifferent if we attack him.

Lithh Wanderer Monster. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

monster jungle it’s located in flow on the website middle row. Each side of this trail has Lithographers.

When he managed to kill him Lithographers will change too Walkie grass that will always follow us for 20 seconds. This walkie grass will help our closest comrades recover 20% HP and Where every second. While the minions relax around us 3% HP every second.


Rockursa. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

This monster is nearby middle row or rather close to Red buff. This rockursa attacks us every 1 second, dealing 100% attack as physical damage.

If we kill him, we will 5% mana and 350 hp For 2 seconds.


Crammer. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

Crammer or crab appears in the 39th second and becomes Update every 70 seconds. monster jungle it’s located in lower lane.

This monster will attack us every second while there is physical harm around 100% attack. If we manage to kill it, its shell will turn into Little crammer weaker than Crammer Adults.

We will recover 5% mana and 350 hp For 2 seconds after you successfully kill him.

Scale lizard

List of mobile legend monsters

This monster appears in the 40th second and will Update every 70 seconds. This monster is between top lane and middle row because it can be easily reached by both roadway The.

The scaled lizard attacks us every second by giving us Physical harm around 100% attack. This monster has the potential to be stronger when its HP is less than 50%. because physical & magical defenseis increased by 70.

If we kill him, our hero will recover 5% maleone and 350 hp in 2 seconds.

Tortoise – Cryo Tortoise

Usually, turtle will be displayed at the top when the game starts. This monster appears in the 3rd minute and will Update every 2 minutes. Besides, he’ll stop answer after 7 minutes 15 seconds.

Turtle will counter and give us every 1 second Physical harm around 100% attack.

List of mobile legend monsters
Turtles. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

If we kill him, our hero will be sign the damage of. can absorb 400 (+40 * hero level) damage when you take no damage from anything for 5 seconds.

sign it will improve too physical attack The hero who killed him was as great as 20 (+ 2 * hero level), Magical attackk is the same 25 (+ 4 * hero level).

For whom is it suitable?

This turtle is often a bone of contention between the two sides, so we need luck to get it. But it will be more effective if whoever gets this monster is the hero Vein like snipers and magicians and assassins.


Mr to be present turtlee are. turtle will turn into Mr in the 9th minute or later and will Updateh every 4 minutes. Mr it gets stronger in the 12th minute.

Mr will counter if we attack every 1 second by giving Physical harm. Then he will release all 8 strike by giving Real harm + 100% attack on enemies in a large area.

List of mobile legend monsters
Mr. Photo: Doc TeknoGeng.ID

He will also let go slash every 8 seconds by giving real harm equals 150% attack on nearby enemies and then causes an effect Beat-above 1 second to them.

When he managed to kill him Mr will choose roadway attacking randomly until killed. Also, the servant attribute of 1 wave the next is increased.

At the 12th minute, this lord has an ability that allows him to jump on nearby enemy buildings and deal true damage.

This lord has always been a bone of contention for both teams. The battle for this monster will cause war because there are many benefits that can be obtained that can change things. We can escort Lord to the lane he is headed for, or just to distract the enemy and just focus on the other two lanes.

Shut down

That is the explanation for each of the monsters in the Mobile Legends game. Now you know all of these buffs and who better suited to get them. Hopefully useful and happy push rank gangs ^^

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