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Moonton strengthens the MLBB gaming security system

The Maphack Terror demands that Moonton strengthen Mobile Legends’ security system. The problem that online game developers often face is that some people use cheats or plug-ins that can destroy the gaming experience. And mobile legends have this problem too

A few days ago, on Thursday, May 16, 2021, the official Facebook account of Mobile Legends reported about people who had installed one of the plugins called maphack. On the news, Moonton covered several parties who had violated the rules of the edition of that game. And here is the post on the official Mobile Legends account: bang-bang

Mod model character


“Dear warrior

Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang Official Operations Team is committed to protecting the good environmentIl and be honest. With regard to the use of plug-ins / scripts in games, we always pay attention to the attitude of never giving tolerance and we will severely punish violations. Please do not trust third party plug-ins to avoid losing your gaming account and personal property. Not so long ago, the Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang security team discovered that some players were using in-game plug-ins to get the “full view of enemy hero position” feature, which seriously disturbed the game balance and seriously damaged the balance .an games.

Mod Model Characters 1


We will be detecting and attacking against p. further strengtheneUse in-game plug-ins. We will monitor and punish the game for 24 hours by regularly posting it to those who use plug-ins / scripts in the game. After the review, a permanent ban will be issued. For anyone who disseminates plug-in information using any medium, including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, forums and other user communication platforms, the official team has the right to assert legal responsibility for it. At the same time, all players are cordially invited to actively report the cheat maker. After verification, you will receive a reward for your help. AYou can post reports through in-game customer service or an official community such as Facebook or YouTube..

These are some of the posts from the official Mobile Legends Facebook account: Bang-Bang For more details, check out the Facebook account for yourself. There is also a list of Violator ID on the Facebook account.

Why is this case such a big problem?

Mod model characters 3


Because this case involves cheating in the game. Users of this Maphack plug-in can see where the enemy is right through the map. And make the player can not be classified. In the play area. Also, players can find opponents hiding behind the grass. This is what is causing mobile legends players to get annoyed with the game. Because this problem can reduce the experience of playing mobile legends.

In fact, Moonton himself reinforced the game’s security system. As gamers report irregularities to their opponents every week, they will be followed up with identification efforts as soon as possible after they have been proven guilty and the applicable regulations have been violated, and will first receive a strict warning of in-game fraud. If it’s fatal, Moonton will have to block the player’s ID. Hence, players don’t worry about this issue as Moonton will take decisive action against players who commit this scam. Moonton continues to urge players to keep exercising under all circumstances.

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