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EVOS Björn's answer to the latest MLBB articles

The latest Mobile Legends article was published a few days ago. The Mobile Legends Advanced Server has again produced a pretty interesting update for this MOBA game. Moonton has released a new line of items. This item is specifically intended for one role in their game, which is Roamer. This latest article is called “Mask”. One interesting thing about this item is that it has a unique effect that can help team members who happen to need help.

Regarding the presence of this new article, an exciting conversation was held with Bjorn Ong, EVOS Esports coach for the Mobile Legends Esports team. The effects that this new item offers are quite unique. To learn more about the impact on Mobile Legends, we can listen to this statement from EVOS Bjorn.

According to Björn, this new item called the Mask will make changes. entail Style of play what is unique. Why? The reason for this is that most of the mask users are support characters. At the moment level 4 cannot be touched. According to Björn, the item mask user is most likely a member Meta midlane tanks, namely Kaja, Grock and also Khufra.

This post can help focus income exp and gold. And not only that, the tanks can do it too wandering freer by not absorbing the slightest experience from other players. This is certainly a plus for this new item.

From the above explanation it can be concluded that the presence of the element mask actually changes to the Style of play. The changes weren’t drastic, however. Midlane is the part that focuses more on the presence of this masked item.

This is a little explanation from Björn Ong. Bjorn not only trains the Mobile Legends EVOS team, but is also an active AOV player. Knowing this, the next question is whether there is a potential presence Role observer in Mobile Legends as in AOV? Björn also replied that there had previously been several teams that had adopted this style of play. However, the observers on the team attach more importance to it in the middle of the game As you wish later games.

Detailed explanation of the Tab Roamer

As explained above, this newest element is present on Roamer. This new item tab contains 5 items in the form of masks, namely wooden mask, reverence mask, iron mask, courage mask and shadow mask. Each item described has 2 passive abilities, devotion and prosperity.

The explanation for the passive devotion skill is as follows. Players can get 2 gold and gain experience every 4 seconds. With this equipment system, players will not gain EXP or Gold if other players are nearby.

Then the explanation for the passive ability to thrive is as follows. If your Gold or EXP rank is at the bottom of the team, you can earn an additional 15 gold and EXP every 4 seconds. In addition, every time you do an assist, you will receive an additional 50% gold and EXP.

In order to feel for yourself how the new items work on the Roamer tab, you have to try it out yourself. Currently there are shadow masks, courage masks, and awe masks at Roam Level 3. There are advantages to every mask. You know. Let’s try it ourselves using this item in Mobile Legends.

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