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How to Use the Latest Drone View Mobile Legend 2021

Show drone mobile legend – The latest Drone View Mobile Legend helps you get a much wider perspective. This game gives an example of a view that is near and far so that you can customize it to suit your in-game needs.

Show drone mobile legend
Mobile legends

This one feature is usually used for some heroes who are very difficult to use and one of them is Fanny.

Fanny runs the wire up against the wall in Mobile Legends game, so it requires tactic in order for this hero to be good enough to play with a wide screen to give a wider viewing angle.

Using Mobile Legends’ drone view is easy.

How to Use the Latest Drone View Mobile Legends

  1. The first step you need to do is prepare the extraction application to enable drone view mode. For Zarchiver, download and Mobile Legends drone script here
  2. Next, make sure you have given permission to access Mobile Legends storage.
  3. Open the zarchiver application and go to the location where you downloaded the drone view script. If you just extracted the zip file using the list method, select Extract here.
  4. Wait until the process finishes and you can select all of the files in the Drone View Mobile Legend script. After that, you can select the Salim menu and lock the game folder.
  5. Paste the drone view script you copied earlier
  6. If so, you can try opening the Mobile Legends game and just playing as you normally would. See if drone view mode is active and ready for you to use.

These are simple steps to use Drone View Mobile Legend that will make your game more exciting.

Using this latest drone view mode gives you a wider game screen appearance, making it easier for you to see that the enemy is listening.

This mode works very well for some heroes who are pretty hard to control, like Fanny.

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