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How to set Black Desert Mobile's graphics to be smooth

How to customize graphics in Black Desert Mobile Black Desert graphics can be tweaked. Previously, Black Desert Mobile was officially released on the mobile platform, namely Android and IOS. This game is an MMORPG genre, the same genre as other popular mobile games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

Of course, game lovers have become very fond of this genre in recent years. One reason is that you can play multiplayer with other players in this genre. So it’s very exciting compared to other genres.

Black Desert, this game was previously on the desktop platform and has a lot of fans. So when Black Desert is presented on the mobile platform, these fans will be happy because it is easier to access and also has the opportunity to add other new players.

Before you play it you need to know the beginning of this game. One of them is how to catch a horse in a black desert mobile that we discussed in the previous article.

However, there are questions from some users such as: B. What is Black Desert’s last name? How to set the graphics for Black Desert Mobile, maybe some users who have just played this game feel that the graphics presented do not match the graphics displayed as on Youtube and their official website.

This graphic can be influenced by each player’s cell phone. there are capable devices and there are also objections and poor graphics to playing this game.

How to set Black Desert mobile graphics

In order for the graphics to be maximized in the Black Desert Mobile Game, you can customize them. Right in the settings menu you can adjust the high and low graphics of this game. the higher the graphic, the higher the quota used. In addition, the performance of the cell phone will decrease as the battery becomes hot.

Black Desert Mobile graphics settings
Black Desert Mobile graphics settings

The above image is the maximum graphics setting that can be applied in the Black Desert Mobile game. for resolution, if you have a capable mobile phone, it can be changed to Max (device).

The downside of this Max device is that your cellphone will get hot when you play games and it is feared that it will reduce cellphone performance.

In the Effects menu you can toggle the Screen Optimization option on and off. and the blur option can be reduced in value to play with good graphics.

So, these are a few steps to customizing the graphics in the Black Desert Mobile game

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