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How to play Nexus Mobile Legend's new survival mode

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I will definitely give you more information about Mobile Legend. This time, I’m going to share information on how to play the new Arcade mode in Mobile Legend, which is “Survival Nexus”.

Survival Nexus is a limited arcade mode in which 100 players play as “Beatrix” in teams of two and go into battle together. Eliminate monsters to get up to 7 different weapons, fight until you are the only team standing and achieve victory.

The Nexus survival mode is different from the previous survival mode. Here we are only using one character, namely Beatrix who, when we look at him, looks like playing the Free Fire or PUBG battlefield.

How to Play Survival Nexus

So there are items and weapons here that we have to take or loot. So there are 100 players on one map. We can play a team of 2 people so there are a total of 50 teams in the Battlefield. And whoever can survive the last zone is the winner. It’s just that there are differences in the rules here that our friends earlier eliminated, we can revive them. If our teammates are eliminated or we ourselves are eliminated, it will not be revived for the time being, but it can revive itself in 10 seconds. As long as our friend is still alive, we can automatically reanimate ourselves within a certain time. If both are eliminated, the game ends immediately.

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There are many jungle monsters on the battlefield that we must eliminate in order to farm. So each person can only carry two weapons and we only get 3 skills. The first skill is a skill that can swap the weapon. Skill 2 is a blinking skill in which we whiz in a given direction. And skill 3 is a skill that can increase movement speed. Here we get 2 magic slots that we can use and the spells also vary, like Franco’s hook, flicker, car etc. like in the previous survival mode. Here, too, we get a healing slot and can only save three healings. We also get three item slots, namely helmet, armor and shoes. The objects have stars from one star to three stars, as in the magic chess game.

  • Helmet function useful to add visibility when we play this nexus survival mode so that we can see a larger area.
  • Armament function This can withstand the damage taken from enemy fire.
  • Shoe function to increase the speed of movement.

There are types of weapons here from the lowest to the highest.
1.Military blade (common)
This weapon is a male type for all members of the new type. This is the standard sword we use when we first step onto the battlefield to do some farming.

2. Boomerang (Elite)
A boomerang that pursues its goal without missing a blow. Although slow, this weapon can cause damage. So when we throw this boomerang it comes back and the attack speed is not high and the damage is not too great.

3.Sniper rifle (Uncommon)
This weapon is only in the possession of a real marksman. This weapon is included in normal weapons and only comes with a Perulu. I do not recommend using this weapon because every time we are done shooting it will take a little longer to reload and the damage will not be too great.

4. Submachine gun (Uncommon)
Is a straight shot with a long range that is difficult for the opponent to avoid or counter. This weapon is good to use in war because the shot is quite long and the damage is quite large.

5. Missile Launcher (Uncommon)
This gun is a long-range continuous firearm and has a large control area and high damage. Although this weapon does a lot of damage, it is quite difficult to aim as it does not aim automatically.

6. Shotgun (Uncommon)
This weapon is the most powerful weapon at close range and close range, capable of causing great damage at close range. If this weapon is used over long distances, the resulting damage is not too great.

7.Gatling weapon (legendary)
This gun is the best weapon with hundreds of bullets fired at lightning speed, and showering enemies with hundreds of bullets. This weapon is hard to come by as this weapon is obtained from Airdrop

Tips for playing Survival Nexus

  • When we land on the battlefield, we need to farm as much as possible ASAP in order to get the weapons we need. Any monsters that have been eliminated cannot be brought back to life as in the previous survival mode. So let’s start farming as soon as possible to get satisfactory results
  • Then you often have to look on the minimap, because if there is a “red dragon” in the minimap, you have to follow the dragon as the red dragon brings airdrops to get premium three-star items or legendary weapons.
  • If your friends are eliminated, we will not rush to help your friends because if we are also eliminated, it will be game over. So try to hide yourself first to wait for our friends to come back to life and fight together.
  • When the zone gets small, don’t always pay attention to the minimap as the zone moves far to a predetermined location.

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Well, these are a few tips from me on how to play this Nexus survival mode so we can win automatically. In this mode there are items with which skins can be exchanged for free.

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
Might be useful.

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