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Travel guide Khufra Mide RRQ LJ Top Indonesia

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today of course I’m going to give you guys information about Mobile Legends heroes again. Today I am giving the RRQ LJ Top 1 Indonesian Khufra Midlaner Guide in Season 16 of Mobile Legends.

Leader Chufra

Hero Khufra is a tank hero who specializes in crowd control and also as an initiator for teams to start team fights. Khufra is the most annoying tank hero because he has an ability that all heroes can counter, wow amazing. In all of his abilities, Khufra has a crowd control effect, making Khufra a meta-tank hero in Season 16. RRQ LJ is one of the top khufra users in Indonesia who can escort the core hero on his team to victory for RRQ in 5th MPL Indo season. This time, I’m going to be giving a midlaner khufra build in the style of RRQ LJ so that you know and can also become the world’s leading user of khufra on mobile. What items are suitable for Khufra, who is very meta in season 16, here is Khufra’s build in the style of RRQ LJ Top 1 Indonesia.

Warrior boots
The first item in Khufra’s build is warrior boots. As an initiator and crowd control, you definitely need thick armor so that it is not easily removed, so shoe items are suitable for use, as these are armor shoes that increase physical defense and also increase the speed of movement for khufra can. These shoes can increase physical defense so that you can further toughen yourself against enemy physical attacks. In the fight against this enemy team, Khufra can hold out for a long time because he has these armor shoes.

Courage mask

The second item in Khufra’s build is the Courage Mask. This item is a room item that can add HP and reduce cooldown reduction. Tank users have to buy this item so that your main hero can get a lot of gold because when we use this item we can’t get anything from minions and creeps if there are teammates around us who don’t buy this item. Although this item can’t get gold from minions or creeps, this item has one that can give EXP and gold on a timescale. The usefulness of this item not only increases HP and cooldown reduction, but can also increase the movement speed of it and about 30% of a team’s hero, allowing you to run away or chase enemies. So the item is suitable for khufra as it can help the core team hero to get the item ready quickly.

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Damn helmet
This third item is a defense item that can provide extra HP and also magical defense. This item needs to be used by this khufra hero in addition to extra HP and magical defense, it can also inflict magical damage to the area when there is an enemy per second nearby, and this damage is increased when cleaning minions. This item is designed to help Khufra last longer on the battlefield. Hence, the purchase of this item of defense is very mandatory as it can increase defense and deal magical damage to nearby enemies per second. With this item, Khufra doesn’t die that easily and can make Khufra’s hero a new Midlaner tank hero too, folks.

Antique cuirass
The fourth item is Ancient Cuirass. This item can provide extra HP as well as Physical Defense to Khufra, who can strongly withstand the enemy. In addition, this item also regenerates Khufra’s HP so that it is not easily eliminated and can survive in combat. As an initiator, this item must be used by khufra because when the opponent attacks, the item can reduce the enemy’s physical and magical attacks, so khufra can last long before enemy attacks, folks. So with this item, khufra has high defense.

Dominance ice
Now the fifth item of defense has domination ice, which can provide mana, physical defense and also movement speed. This item can also slow down the next enemy Hero’s movement and attack speed. With this item, Khufra can help the team weaken the opponent’s hero so that it can easily eliminate the opponent. This item must be used by Khufra as an initiator as it can increase defense while reducing the enemy’s movement and attack speed. This makes Khufra an all-powerful hero, boys.

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This item is of course the last item, which of course is no less important, because with this item you can level up again after a defeat. Hence, this item is also clearly mandatory in order to provide additional HP as well as physical defense. You can protect your team’s heroes by sacrificing them, but this item can help come back to life after defeat. So you can buy immortality as the last item, as this is just in case you get ganked by the enemy. Wow, so you can buy immortality items at the last minute, folks.

This is Khufra’s Build a la RRQ LJ Top Khufra Indonesia

Khufra's talent

Might be useful. Any suggestions as to which hero guides to discuss? Later, I’ll be reviewing the hero’s guide along with the build. Many Thanks

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