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How to get a blue hexagon in FF, a free gift!

How to get Blue Hexagon in FF – Free Fire is increasingly hosting various interesting events for its players.

After yesterday’s chronoff web event, Garena is now also hosting an event called FFCS or Free Fire Continental Series.

With these different events, it will increase the excitement of ff players to play it and also get free gifts that are not to be missed.

How to get blue hexagon in FF
How To Get Blue Hexagon On Free Fire

You can play this Free Fire Continental Series event and have the opportunity to receive various free gifts that have been provided.

The various prizes include bundles, weapon skins, bags, skateboard skins, grenade skins, and also parachute skins

There are two important pieces, namely the blue hexagon piece and the triangle piece. These two tokens are essential in order to receive the rewards provided.

Many ff players are confused to get these two tokens so here is how to get blue hexagon and triangle tokens in the free fire events FFCs game.

How to get blue hexagon in FF

You don’t have to play a match against the enemy to get the blue hexagon marker. That’s how it’s done.

  1. Open the free fire game
  2. Go to the FFCS tab.
  3. Then click the Select Team or Select Team section.
  4. Simply select the FFCS 29/11 tab.
  5. Then click Blue Hexagon Exchange.
  6. Click the Redeem button to receive the blue hexagon token.

How to get a free fire triangle token

In addition to blue hexagon tokens, you can also get triangle tokens as follows

  1. To get this triangle token, you can watch FFCS live when you get a triangle token with 15 tokens.
  2. The second option is that you can search for it on the map as you play. Tokens are randomized and randomly scattered around the map

After receiving the two tokens, you will have the option to receive free gifts that have been provided by Garena.

So here are a few steps on how to get blue hexagon and triangle tokens in the Fire Continental Series 2021 free event.

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