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Uzi FF: how to use new weapons Free Fire 2021

uzi ff weapon – In the June 2021 update, Free Fire will have a new weapon, the UZI.

The update of the presence of this new weapon will certainly be eagerly awaited by Free Fire players because the presence of new weapons and characters will make the Free Fire game even more interesting.

What will UZI look like in the Free Fire game? When will UZI weapons be released on Free Fire?

You can learn a lot about Free Fire by listening to UZI FF gun reviews this time around.

UZI Free Fire weapon

This UZI Free Fire weapon was previously published on the Advance Server, so some players playing on the Advance Server must have tried to play this weapon.

Uzi ff Senjata Waffeta
Uzi ff Senjata Waffeta

This UZI is a secondary weapon that is included in the pistol type.

The rate of fire of this UZI weapon is quite high. In addition to a high rate of fire, UZI is equipped with 18 magazines.

With these specifications, the UZI can be a fairly reliable secondary weapon.

When will UZI Free Fire be released?

UZI FF will be released at the same time as the Free Fire update, which will be carried out in June 2021.

The Free Fire update will take place on June 8, 2021. After the update on June 8th, you can play UZI weapons.

Since June 8, 2021 is not far away, you can first find out more about UZI weapons.

After your studies, you can try UZI immediately on June 8, 2021.

How to use UZI FF’s new weapon

There is nothing wrong with equipping yourself with knowledge of how to use the new UZI weapon.

The knowledge you get about UZI can be put into practice right away when this weapon is officially released in the Free Fire game.

How to use the UZI Free Fire weapon:

  1. Prepare another main weapon because UZI is just a secondary weapon. To make it easier for you, you can fill in whatever weapon slots you have.
  2. There are not enough magazines on UZI weapons, so you have to prepare a lot of ammunition. This must be done to prevent the bullets from running out.
  3. This UZI weapon is a good weapon for close combat. With UZI FF you can rush up close.
  4. Since the UZI is a better close range weapon, you can use Gloo Wall to make yourself safer from enemy attacks.

How to use the UZI Free Fire weapon we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully this UZI weapon can please many FF players later on.

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