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How to find out scammers among us, here's the difference

How to find a cheater among us – It is not easy to guess who is a cheater among the crew members. Especially when the impostor can disguise himself very well as a crewmate.

It also gets more complicated when the scammer is smart about slandering other people.

So that you don’t get slandered and slander others, you need to prove to yourself who the impostor is.

There are a couple of things you can do to find out who is a cheater and who is a crew member. This article will tell you which scammers are among us.

How to find out scammers among us

There are several steps you can use to find the scammers in Among Us. You can use whatever means at your disposal to catch camouflaged scammers among the crew members.

How to find out scammers among us
How to find out scammers among us

How to find scammers on Among Us

Watch CCTV

There is a security room on the map in the Among Us game. There is CCTV footage in the security room that can help you catch impostors.

If the scammer isn’t very smart, you can see the scammer use a hood or even kill a crew member via CCTV.

See the impostor faking mission

Scammers would be suspected if he just walked around, so the scammers had to pretend they were crew members and were completing missions. Well, some missions will display their own graphics during or after completion. The following missions have additional visual elements during or after completion:

  • Send scan (on Medbay)

You need to know that only Crewmate can scan. So if you see someone doing a scan on Medbay and a green circle appears around it, that person can be confirmed as a crew member. Impostor cannot scan so the green circle does not appear.

  • Empty trash (in cafeteria and warehouse)

If you empty the trash mission or empty the trash, the trash will fly out of the spaceship. If the impostor pretends to be on a mission, no trash will come out of the spaceship.

  • Prime Shield (It’s in Shield)

When someone is performing the Prime Shield mission, the light on the starboard side of the ship will come on. So that someone doing the Prime Shield mission can be confirmed as a crew member. If the impostor is pretending to be completing a mission, the ship’s starboard lights will not come on.

  • Erase Asteroids (In Weapon)

The mission where you shoot down this asteroid can also be used as a yardstick to determine who is crewmate and which impostor. If the person completing the Clear Asteroid Mission is a crew member, the right ship cannon will fire bullets.

Exhaust ventilation

Only a cheater could travel through the shaft. If you happen to see someone walking in or out of an air duct, you can be sure that that person is a scam.

Easy ways to identify and report fraudsters among us

The easiest way to find the cheater in Among Us is to use a cheat.

You can use the Between Us Mod Apk cheat to easily find out who is the scammer and crew. You can download the Among Us Mod Apk cheat to view Impostor at the link below:

Uninstall the original Among Us application on your mobile phone, then install the Among Us Mod Apk, which you can download from the link above. When playing with the Among Us Mod, the cheater’s name is red while the crewmember’s name is white. You can also get a free skin among us in the previous article article

That way, you can find out the imposter quickly and you won’t be wrong about blaming other crew members.

This way you can find out about scammers among us. We don’t recommend using the Among Us mod cheat.

Because if you use cheats the game won’t be fun anymore, so hopefully so much information we can give about how to find cheats in Among Us will be useful!

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