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Between us developers: get free skin, check this out first

under us dev – Among Us has skyrocketed in popularity. This fairly simple game can even knock well-known games like PUBG Mobile out of the ranks of the top-selling games on Google Play.

The simple but entertaining gameplay ensures that Among Us sells well on multiple platforms at the same time.

In Among Us you can make your character as attractive and unique as possible by using skins, pets and hats.

In general, the skin and pet features in Among Us are only available through purchase.

But nowadays more and more of us gamers are using cheats to get skins and pets for free.

In addition to using cheats, there are some players who visit certain websites to get the Under Us skin.

One of the sites that offers free Amon Us skins is Among This article will tell you more about the AmongUsDev site.

What is

Between us. dev is a website that promises you Free Among Us game skins. The skin variants offered on this page can apparently tempt a lot of people.

So people started visiting and using the AmongUsdev website to get free skins.

Between us dev
website Unter uns dev

If you are tempted to visit, we encourage you to read this article until the end. Because it turns out that some people consider this site to be a fake site or website.

This article will tell you more about whether or not this website is safe.

How to use among us developer

Before we enter the Among Us .dev site, let’s explain how the site works. How to Use AmongUsdev to Get Free Skins:

  1. Open the browser and visit the website
  2. A selection of skins will appear on the main page of the site. You can select the “Under Us” skin you want and then press the “Generate on your device” button.
  3. Additionally, this site is being checked, but this verification is an error so you will have to perform the verification manually.
  4. Press the Verify button to verify manually.
  5. You will then be asked to complete a survey to claim free skins in the Among Us game.

Scam among

How the website works is quite strange as it requires visitors to do a manual review by filling out surveys.

In addition, the skins provided on this website are skins that have never been seen in the Among Us game. Then how can you get this skin if it’s not even in the game among us?

This site is a fake site that claims to offer Free Among Us skins. This website uses it to make money advertising and filling out surveys.

If you don’t want to take your time, never visit this website.

Be careful when you find a website that offers everything for free like this website.

Who knows the website is a fake website that is only fooling people like you.

That’s all we can say about, hope you can be more careful!

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