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How to check the mobile IMEI online on the Ministry of Industry site

Since April 18, 2021, the Ministry of Communication and Information has officially introduced regulations on the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This rule applies to phones purchased or activated on or after April 18th of this year, my friend. Hence, Vexa friends need to know how to check a cellphone’s IMEI online before buying it. This is how my friend knows whether the cell phone I bought is legal and registered with the Ministry of Industry.

The regulation was actually set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information No. 11 of 2021 on the control of telecommunication tools and / or devices connected to cellular networks through IMEI identification. This regulation has also been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Communication and Information.

The purpose of this regulation is to combat the proliferation of illegal cell phones Black market (BM) which sells cheaply as it is not taxable. Additionally, this rule can also reclaim the potential tax on cell phones and protect the public from failed technology products. This rule blocks illegal cell phones so that they cannot be used for communication as they cannot be accessed by cellular operators in Indonesia.

How to check the mobile IMEI Online to find out cell phone legality

In accordance with the implementation of IMEI mobile phone validation rules, Kominfo has sent notifications via SMS to mobile phone users in Indonesia. The message indicates that you can still use your phone to communicate. So did you get it? What if not?

If you still haven’t received an SMS notification and are curious about whether your phone is registered and legal, you can check your phone’s IMEI online on the Department of Industry website. But before doing this, check the IMEI number as follows:

1. Via special dial

The first method is very simple, you just press the area code * # 06 # like a test pulse. After making a call using the code, you will get an automatic popup with the phone’s IMEI number.

2. About the body and the phone booth

Generally, the IMEI number is listed on the case of the cell phone or on the box of your cell phone. You can find it on the back of the phone for the non-removable battery type. For phones with removable battery types, you can remove the battery first and then you will see the IMEI number. Additionally, you can check the box on your mobile phone that is usually listed in the lower back corner.

The next way is via the settings menu on the mobile phone. Although the display settings vary depending on the phone, the IMEI number can usually be checked in the menu Settings – Via the phone. Since the author uses a Xiaomi phone, how do you do it?

  • Select menu Settings-About the phone
How to check the IMEI online
how to check mobile imei online

How to check the mobile IMEI online on the Ministry of Industry site

Now that you know your phone’s IMEI number, it is time to check that your phone’s IMEI is registered with the Department of Industry. The steps are

  • Open a browser and visit the Department of Industry website
check mobile imei online
  • Copy or enter your mobile phone’s IMEI number in the column provided
  • Click the Enter key or the search button next to the column
  • If your mobile phone is already registered with the Department of Industry, a notification will be displayed ‘IMEI registered in the database of the Ministry of Industry’

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Shut down

The existence of a cell phone IMEI number in this day and age is indeed important given government regulations to validate cell phone IMEI. That’s some information on how to check a cellphone’s IMEI online at the Department of Industry website. When you receive a notification “IMEI is not registered in the database of the Ministry of Industry”, it can be determined that your cell phone is illegal and from Black market.


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