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How to top up UC PUBG Mobile with credit

There are currently several ways to charge UC PUBG with pulses that are very easy for you. UC in the PUBG Mobile game stands for Unknown Cash, the currency in the PUBG Mobile game. UC PUBG Mobile allows players of this game to purchase items for free in the PUBG Mobile game.

The items that you can buy are accessories and other characters. Some of the characters in this game are being sold on purpose and you can purchase them using UC PUBG Mobile so that players can increase their strength and win the game more easily.

You can get UC PUBG Mobile very easily. One way to get it is to purchase this UC PUBG Mobile method with credit. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to buy UC PUBG Mobile with credit. In the following you will find out how you can top up UC PUBG Mobile with credit.

How to top up UC PUBG Mobile with credit

Sign in to the Google Play Store app Charge UC

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The Google Play Store app can be found in every Android smartphone. So you don’t need to be confused when looking for this application on a smartphone. You just go to the Google Play Store application and watch the options on the home screen. Then look at the top left and find the menu options in the form of three horizontally lined up lines.

Select a payment method

how to charge UC
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After entering the menu, select the “Payment Method” option. This option gives you a variety of payment methods. Since you have opted for the UC PUBG Mobile purchase method with credit, select the “Mobile SIM card” option you are using.

Top up phone credit

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After you have chosen the SIM card as the payment method, you can then make sure that you already have the nominal balance. If you have previously filled in the credit first, you can proceed to the next step. But if you didn’t top up your balance first, then top up your credit first. You can buy credit according to the amount of UC PUBG Mobile you want, you can also top up credit with a certain nominal amount that you want.

Enter the PUBG mobile game

how to charge UC
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When you have finished setting up the SIM card balance payment option in the Google Play Store, you have set them up. Then it’s time to exchange your credit for a number of PUBG Mobile UCs and then exchange the UCs for the item you want. The first step is to enter this game first. After entering the PUBG Mobile game, look for the Cash UC option located in the top right corner. Then select this option and you choose the UC PUBG Mobile you want.

Later on there will be a wide variety of items available for purchase with credit. However, when this game comes out, it will be nominal in terms of dollars. Of course, this requires that you first convert the currency from dollars to rupiah. As with buying 300 UC for 74 thousand rupiah, you can choose an item that costs $ 4.99.

UC purchase process completed

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After selecting the amount of UC you want, select that option. After selecting this option, you will be provided with information about the Nominal UC you have chosen and the price of the Nominal UC.

If it is correct, you can select the “BUY” option. The first time you purchase an item, you will receive a notification to enter your Gmail email password. and your UC PUBG Mobile purchase process is complete.

When you are done, you can confirm whether or not the newly purchased PUBG Mobile UC has been added to your PUBG Moblie account. The trick is to check it on your PUBG Mobile account first.

You can also check the incoming SMS and the inbox of your Gmail email. The Google Play Store will send you a notification of the details or the invoice for the purchase of UC PUBG Moblie that you just bought with credit.

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This is an article on how to top up UC PUBG Mobile with credit. Are Vexa friends interested in or have you used these tips? I’ll see you at a different time.

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