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How to buy a Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile

How to buy the Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile – You finally meet season 13 of PUBG Mobile. The new season means you can upgrade your Royale Pass and get new rewards too.

This Royale Pass is a feature that allows you to get rewards as you level up. In order to upgrade the Royale Pass, you will need to use RP Points obtained by completing missions or purchasing from the shop.

Every time you upgrade your Royale Pass, you will also receive great prizes. For those of you who have never bought a Royale Pass before, you’ve missed the opportunity to get interesting skins, items, and emotes.

How to buy the Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile
How to buy the Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile

For this you can buy a Royale Pass from season 13 to receive a variety of attractive prices.

How to buy Royale Pass dI PUBG Cell phone, mobile phone

If you don’t really know how to buy a Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile, you can read how to buy a Pubg Royale Pass below:

  1. Make sure you have enough UC to purchase the Royale Pass. To buy a Royal Pass you need to spend at least 600 UC.
  2. If the amount of UC you have is not enough, you need to top up first. You can top up with the help of trusted top up sites like Codashop or top up directly from Google Play.
  3. After topping up the funds, you can hit the Royale Pass button on the main page of the PUBG Mobile game.
  4. This will take you to the Royal Pass menu. There is a list of the prizes that you can get when you buy and upgrade the Royale Pass.
  5. To buy a Royale Pass, you can press the Upgrade Pass button. After that, you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy a regular Elite Upgrade worth 600 UC or an Elite Upgrade Plus worth 1800 UC.
  6. All you have to do is buy an ordinary Elite upgrade. Purchase this ordinary elite upgrade by pressing the 600 UC button and then clicking OK to confirm the purchase.
  7. You now also have a Royale Pass and can collect RP points to unlock attractive prizes.

This is a tutorial on how to buy a PUBG Mobile Royale Pass that we can convey.

Hopefully you can practice how to easily buy a PUBG Mobile Royale Pass like we mentioned above.

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