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This is the meaning of Knock PUBG Mobile, complete with tips

PUBG Mobile tapping meaning – PUBG Mobile players must be familiar with the term knockdown. This term means that the player is seriously injured or falls from an attack by the enemy.

So it’s not surprising that PUBG Mobile gamers hate getting knocked down the most.

Even this hatred of bumps makes many PUBG Mobile gamers blame the guns they are using when they are bumped.

PUBG Mobile tapping meaning
Knock PUBG Mobile

In this article, we are going to dive into the PUBG Mobile game knock, definitely for beginners who have just played PUBG Mobile, confused about what the meaning of Knock-Pubg-Mobile means

PUBG Mobile tapping meaning

Many PUBG Mobile gamers are unaware of the importance of knock in the PUBG Mobile game. The importance of Knock Pubg Mobile is to knock down the opponent while playing Pubg.

Tips and tricks Anti-Knock A la Pro Player

If players mainly blame the weapons they use when falling victim to a blow, this is a different case for a professional gamer. Pro players don’t blame the guns they use when they pass out.

They do as much as possible different ways to avoid conflict. The following is an anti-knock method commonly used by PUBG Mobile professional gamers:

1. Aiming aid

One of the features in PUBG Mobile is the aiming aid, which can be used to shoot the enemy automatically. This aiming help function is even available in three levels, namely easy, medium and difficult in the lite version of PUBG Mobile.

When you use aiming aid, the enemy becomes immune to the enemy, especially if you use aiming aid with a hard level.

This can be used by the enemy to knock you first. To do this, it is better to disable aiming aid. If you still want to use automatic alignment, you can choose a light or medium level.

2. Open the scope

Open the scope when you want to shoot the enemy. Because this way your bullets will be more focused, so you can take out your opponent quickly.

However, never open the scope when in close combat. If you open the scope in hand-to-hand combat, it could be your enemy who hits you first.

3. Adrenaline supply

Store adrenaline in the form of injections, potassium water (energy drink), or pain relievers. By spending adrenaline, you can delay the knocking effect you get from the enemy.

Since adrenaline can basically help you endure pain, it can delay the knocking effect you get.

This way, you will be less likely to be knocked down by the enemy, which can also affect the likelihood that you will cause a knocking effect on the enemy.

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