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How to buy and get Hero Phoveus for free

How to Buy and Get Phoveus Hero for Free – Every time Moonton brings out the latest Mobile Legends hero, gamers will flock to buy the hero to try out.

Phoveus is the newest Mobile Legends hero who is very powerful and well worth a try.

So this time we’re going to discuss how to get this Phoveus hero.

How to buy and get Hero Phoveus for free
How to buy and get Hero Phoveus for free

Listening to this discussion will tell you how to buy Phoveus hero and how to get Phoveus hero for free.

How do I get Hero Phoveus

Currently, you can get the hero Phoveus for free by completing the Treasure Party event. The Treasure Party event is open from May 1, 2021 to May 21, 2021.

If you attend the event, you can get Hero Phoveus for free.

When the 515 Party Treasure event period is up, you can get the Phoveus hero by purchasing it.

While the 515 Party Treasure Event is still available, you can complete the event to receive the Phoveus Hero for free.

How to get Hero Phoveus for free

Getting the Phoveus Mobile Legends hero for free is very easy. Below is a tutorial on how to get Phoveus hero for free:

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game and click the 515 button to open the 515 eParty event main page.
  2. Then you can click on Party Treasure (Free Hero) which is on the left.
  3. Click on the mission in the lower right corner to see the list of missions in this 515 party treasure event. Complete the daily missions to receive 515 eParty microphones.
  4. When you have completed the mission, you can hit the claim button to receive 515 eParty microphone tokens.
  5. The 515 Microphone Token is used to rotate. Rotate the 515 party treasure event by pressing the button 1x or 5x.
  6. Make a spin or a tie until you get the hero Phoveus.

After getting this hero, you can build the sickest Phoveus hero so you can win every game

How to buy Hero Phoveus

When the event period has expired, you can only get Phoveus by purchasing it.

To buy the Phoveus hero, you can click the Shop menu, then click the Heroes menu, and then select the Phoveus hero.

Click the Buy button to buy Phoveus hero, then you can buy Phoveus with battle points or diamonds.

For the time being, the Phoveus hero is not yet available in the shop, so you have to participate in the event to get this Phoveus hero.

That’s all we can say about buying Phoveus hero. Hopefully what we said about your purchase of the Phoveus hero is useful to you.

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