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Build Phoveus Sick 2021, the new ML hero!

Build Phoveus Tersakit 2021 – Hero Phoveus is a new hero in Mobile Legends or ML who is a fighter type.

This new hero Phoveus has deadly abilities that other heroes with lots of blink or sprint skills can counter.

Do you have this Phoveus hero? If you already have Phoveus, you can try using this hero in a match.

Build Phoveus Sick 2021
Build Phoveus Sick 2021

We have a 2021 build of the sickest Phoveus that you can copy to win games easily.

The advantages of Hero Phoveus

Phoveus is a hero that you can get for free through the Treasure Party event.

Although it’s available for free, this Phoveus hero has terrible overwhelming abilities. The advantages of Phoveus are:

  • Does great damage
  • Skill cooldowns are relatively short
  • The heroes’ mobility is quite high, comparable to that of hero-assassins
  • Has pretty good CC skills
  • Has a very good ability to blink

Hero Phoveus Skill Skills

Phoveus is a hero who is not too difficult to control, but still has strong abilities. The following is an explanation of the abilities of the hero Phoveus in Mobile Legend:

  • Passive: When the enemy blinks, attacks, or storms, the cooldown of the Phoveus skill is reduced by 1.
  • Skill 1: Deals magical damage to the enemy, the damage received by the enemy can spread to other enemies in the area.
  • Skill 2: This skill gives the enemy a CC effect, the CC effect of skill 2 Phoveus is similar to the CC effect of skill 2 Cecilion.
  • Skill 3 (Ultimate): When an enemy blinks or zips, Phoveus can move to the location of the hero who blinked to cause damage.

Build Phoveus Sick 2021, New ML hero

What’s the best, and most painful, build of Phoveus 2021 Mobile Legends? The best Phoveus build is a build that is a combination of magic items and defense items. The following are the craziest builds of Phoveus 2021:

  1. Warrior boots
  2. Clock of fate
  3. Frozen wand
  4. Brute force breastplate
  5. oracle
  6. Antique cuirass

Using a combination of magical items and defense, it can trick Phoveus into dealing pathological damage, but still be able to withstand damage from enemies.

If you want Phoveus to do a lot of damage but still have great durability, use the build above.

The best battle spells and emblems from Phoveus

In addition to setting the build, you also need to choose the right emblem and battle spell for Phoveus. Since Phoveus does magical damage, you can use mage or magic emblems.

Phoveus’ best combat spell we recommend is Flame Shot. This flame shot can cause damage as well as a recoil effect.

Thus, Flame Shot is suitable for killing current enemies and can also be used to avoid approaching enemies.

That is the best Phoveus Build 2021 that we can convey on this occasion. So hopefully with what we say you can play Phoveus Hero well.

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