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Free Fire Max, Free Fire version is more stable, here is the difference!

The booyah fighters were excited and curious about the rumors of the presence of Free Fire Max. How does it differ from the current Free Fire? Free Fire Max is specially designed for players who want to experience the Free Fire game at maximum performance on smartphones with medium to high specifications. The client version of Free Fire Max has better graphics and audio, which are of course bigger.

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Free Fire Max Features
New user interface (UI)
Super ultra graphics up to 4k resolution
Better controls
Input latency improvements
Improved color and visibility
Smooth gameplay
3D animation
Even better with high-end smartphones
New avatars

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Garena and developer 111 dot Studios have tried the Free Fire Max Open Beta Test (OBT) phase in 3 countries: Bolivia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Other than performance, everything in Free Fire Max is still the same as FF, which already exists and is being played. Gameplay, features, interface, maps, weapons and other items are still the same. Booyah fighters can still be friends with friends in Free Fire.

WellIf you think about it, Garena’s steps are like the opposite of PUBG. If PUBG Mobile Lite is a light version of PUBG Mobile, however, Free Fire Max is an updated version of Free Fire. Well, you should remember that when PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile 2 are different games, Free Fire Max and Free Fire are the same game.

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Garena confirmed that FF Max and FF are the same game. So if you’ve played Free Fire, you don’t have to worry. Free Fire can still be played while those of you who have a powerful device and want a more modern look can play FF ​​Max.

One of the things Survivors worry about most is that if you switch to Free Fire Max, your Free Fire account information will be lost. Yes, especially if you’ve spent a lot of diamonds buying weapon skins, bundles, and more. Again, you don’t have to worry as your Free Fire account can be brought to Free Fire Max later. You can log into the Free Fire Max application and all of your old Free Fire data will be automatically taken over.

If you want to go back to regular Free Fire play, you can also use your account on Free Fire or Free Fire Max, so you can log in and out of two applications with the same account information.

Before you can try Free Fire Max, make sure your smartphone has the following specifications:

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Android: 2GB RAM, Android version 4.4, Dual Core 1.2
iOS: iPhone 6s, iOS version 11
Recommended specifications
Android: 4 GB RAM, Android version 7, Octa Core 2.0
iOS: iPhone 7, iOS version 11

Free Fire Max is currently going through the OBT phase to test the readiness of this application before finally releasing it worldwide. In fact, Indonesia hasn’t received the OBT quota yet, but some curious gamers will definitely find a way to download and play Free Fire Max over a VPN. Well, for those who want to be patient, you can keep waiting because if the OBT testing phase is successful, Free Fire Max will also be released worldwide.

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