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Complete tutorial, tips on building items, formations and how to play Minotaur | Games – Minotaur is one of the tanker / support heroes who is pretty tough in Mobile Legend game. This hero uses a huge hammer as a weapon. Hero Minotaur has skills that are very helpful for the team in battle.

Throughout its history, the Minotaur was a talented and powerful man in the kingdom, but one day he was defeated by a wandering knight. But Mino didn’t feel hit, he decided instead to train in Minos Maze with the help of the power of the Twilight Orb, which he hoped would one day defeat the knight.

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This hero is an older hero in the Mobile Legend game by Moonton that this hero has seen many times revise and polishing So far it already has 4 skins to choose from to increase its ferocity.

In this article, TeknoGeng now offers the most comprehensive tutorial on Minotaur Heroes, starting with the best build items, emblems, and spells, and ending with how to play to make you a Minotaur pro. But before that, you should also know the pros and cons of the Minotaur hero.

Advantages of the Minotaur

  • Anti-back base : Minotaur has the ability to add his own blood and the blood of his teammates so that this hero doesn’t have to return to base or call back to replenish his blood.
  • Without mana : Minotaur is also a tanker without mana, except that he can increase the HP of himself and his friends, he doesn’t need any, which of course strengthens him as an anti-recall hero.
  • Anger mode : Once you have entered the rage mode, the Minotaur becomes a very strong giant bull, especially his ultimate ability that can shake the land of dawn and make the enemy hop helplessly.

Minotaur cons

  • Minions are slowly evacuating : Minotaur is slow at cleaning minions compared to other tankers, this is a disadvantage as the tower can be paid for in installments.
  • Depending on the anger mode : Minotaur is very strong in anger mode, but that will also be a weakness because when the anger mode expires, it is easily attacked.
  • Weak against crowd control: Minotaur is also quite susceptible to crowd control heroes, especially if his ultimate skill is in the cooldown. Minotaur will be easy to defeat.

Minotaur build recommendations

Build Item Minotaur Mobile Legend:

The above build items are best for pairing with the Minotaur hero. The following explains the effects of each of these items (option line 1).

Warrior boots Has Attributes: +40 Movement SPD with Unique Passive Valor: Physical Defense is increased by 5 each time an auto attack is received, up to a maximum of 25. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Damn helmet Inflicts +1200 HP, +25 Magical Defense with a unique passive burning soul: Inflicts 1.5% magical damage equal to the maximum HP of nearby enemies per second. Minion damage is increased by 50%.

Antique cuirass can provide +920 HP, +54 Physical Defense and +30 HP Regeneration with a unique passive deterrent: When enemy heroes attack, physical and magical attack is reduced by 6%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Stackable up to 3x.

oracle Deals +850 HP, +36 Magical Defense and + 10% cooldown reduction with a unique passive bless: Increases shield absorption and HP regeneration by 256.

Guardian helmet Grants +1550 HP and +100 HP regeneration with a unique passive recovery: Regenerates 1.5% of the hero’s maximum HP. Defeating enemy heroes increases the regeneration effect by 0.4%. While the assistance is increased by 0.2%.

immortality inflicts +800 HP and +40 physical defense with Unique Passive-Immortal: Ressure 2 seconds after defeat and gains 156 HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. (Scaled with hero level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds

Recommended emblems and spells

The matching emblem for the Minotaur is Custom tank emblem or support because he’s half a tank destroyer.

Use for spells flicker : because Tigreal has to teleport in a certain direction at a certain distance. Increases physical defense and magical defense for 1 second after teleporting 5 (+1 * hero level). Minotaur can teleport behind the enemy, then use his ultimate ability to wage war.

Minotaur skills

Minotaur Mobile Legend:

Skill 1 – Stomp Despair : Minotaur leaps to the specified area to attack all enemies near the location and deal 280 physical damage while reducing its movement speed by 65%. This damage and skill range is increased in rage mode.

Skill 2-Motivation Roar : Minotaur restores its HP based on the damage taken and restores 280 HP of the other team’s hero and Minotaur gains additional rage.

3 Minoan Rage skill : Minotaur fills its rage meter up to 50% depending on how long this skill is held, and after entering rage mode, the minotaur’s ultimate skill will shake the ground and deal damage to enemies in the shock area and slow movement speed decently

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How to Play Minotaur

Early games

At the start of the game, focus on helping friends farm like snipers and mages who are on the center or sideline to collect gold faster and unlock the ultimate level while securing the lane by helping the minions of the opposing team.

Medium game

By the time you enter the middle of the game, you may have received some of the main items. Explore each lane, help your friends in mid lane or on the sidelines for team fights or farms. Deal with heroes with low HP and no escape skills and prepare Skill 2 to increase the HP of you and your teammates when they are hit by an attack and prepare your kicking skills.

Late game

By the time you enter the end of the game you should be able to purchase all of the Minotaur items. Now you have to be on the front lines of the war, use a 2-1-3 skill combination. Be a true leader for your team, protect your archer and try to use the ultimate when enemy heroes gather only to be killed by the damage done to your friends.

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Minotaur’s best teammates

Alucard: Minotaur is very well suited to be paired with fighters like Alucard. If Mino ulti to multiple enemies, Alucard can jump into the crowd of enemies to take down those enemies. Additionally, Mino has the ability to heal himself and his teammates, as well as Alucard who has insane file theft, so the combination of these two heroes is perfect.

Minotaur best counter hero

Akai: If the Minotaur is on the opposing team, you can use Akai as a counterattack as Akai can defeat the ultimate Minotaur. Akai can also mess up the enemy formation.

Teamwork is everything

Use the Minotaur Hero by focusing on securing the trail and accompanying the sniper or mage at the beginning of the game and staying in one direction with your friends. Don’t be a selfish gamer who can wreak havoc on your team. Play with fun and without bad comments.

Please also check out the latest Heroes build items Mobile legends others only in so that you can become the ruler of the land of dawn.

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