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Most of the GG Cecilion tutorial in Mobile Legends | Games – New Carmilla mage in Mobile Legends with high burst damage. This hero is very different from other mage heroes in that he will really feel like a marksman in the late game. So Cecilion’s hero tutorial is a little different from other heroes.

This hero is not as agile as Harith, Pharsa and Kagura. But Cecilion’s damaging skill is very painful, gangs in the late game. Especially when we can make good use of its potential.

In this article, TeknoGeng will now discuss a small tutorial on how to play the hero of Cecilion Mobile Legends. Let’s just take a look at the review below.

Cecilion Mobile Legends tutorial

Cecilion's new hero stats

1. Play it safe

For you Gord Hero users it will of course be easy to understand how to use the new hero Cecilion. Because Cecilion’s style of play is similar to Gord.

These two mage heroes have a very high burst damage and wide attack areas. However, they don’t have good escape skills like blinking / sprinting / jumping.

With these weaknesses, we always have to stand behind the tank. When we are safe, we can cause harm from afar. You need to know, gang, that all of Cecilion’s abilities are ranged attacks, especially Abilities 1 and 2.

2. Play along patiently Early games

You shouldn’t play too aggressively in the early game. In fact, almost all Mage Heroes have high damage in the early game and weak in the late game. But that is very different from Cecilion’s hero.

Cecilion’s total skill damage depends on the amount of mana we have. Of course, if the amount of mana we have is very large, the damage skill will also be large.

The right time to get high mana is late in the game. So that our mana can increase even more, we can help again with items like the clock of fate.

3. Skills must be used in a targeted manner

Hero Cecilion Tutorial

When using Cecilion’s hero, try your skills to hit the opponent’s target. In addition to the target pick, we get an additional 10 mana when our skills hit the target.

Of course, if our skills hit the target hard, we get a very large mana pool. Of course, a high mana pool increases Cecilion’s damage skill.

So we have to play it safe in the early game to get a stack of passive abilities. We have to wait for this passive stack first for the damage skill to be maximized. We have to be a bit patient when playing Aldous and Alice heroes who are very dependent on stacking skills.

4. Don’t Spam Skill 1

Cecilion’s first skill can still be spammed if he hits a target like skill 2 Baxia. But the risk is that we lose a lot of mana. Even this skill consumes more mana than 2 Baxia.

In the early game we may only be able to spam Skill 1 3-4 times. Yes, because this skill consumes a lot of mana if we spam too often. Of course, if you run out of mana, you won’t be able to use any other skills.

So if the situation is normal then you shouldn’t use Skill 1 too often, it is better to save it and use it at the right time like Teamfight / War.

In order for Skill 1 to hit the target, you should be able to guess the target hero’s movement. Since it is useless if you don’t hit it, you won’t get the passive stack, but where it drains.

5. Use skill 2 for CC

One of the best crowd control skills Cecilion has is his second skill. After starting this skill, enemies that are in the rectangular area will be slowed down. Then after a few seconds it pulls into the middle and has an effect immobilize.

This skill is ideal if you are using it for the first time, before using Skill 1. So you collect a lot of targets with skill 2 first, then use skill 1.

In theory it should be, but in reality it is quite difficult to put this combination into practice. Because the opponent will quickly get out of this ability over time delay. Especially if your target is agile heroes like Ling and Fanny.

So you should only use it according to the situation and conditions. If you’ve used it often, your instincts may be sharpened ^^

6. Use the ultimate ability according to the condition

Cecilion’s ultimate can be used flexibly in both offense and defense. But in team combat you should use this ability as it deals damage lasting a few seconds.

The range of this skill is also very large, allowing it to attack enemy targets such as snipers and mages behind it. In addition, we will also be immune to the slow effects.

You can also use this ultimate to escape as it gets very high movement speed. Not only that, we will also get a life robbery from this ability. But we too will be strong enough against melee heroes (but we also have to know ourselves ^^)

7. Correct core elements

Thanks to his passive ability, Cecilion will have a lot of mana. Especially when we can maximize it well, that is, every skill hits the target.

We can maximize this with Lightning Truncheon items. Because this item does additional damage that scales with the amount of mana we have. Additionally, the damage from this item is area damage too, so it goes perfectly with Cecilion’s ability which is also area.

We can again maximize this lightning stick item with other items like the Clock of Fate and the Frozen Wand, as both provide extra mana. That way, the damage we do will be even greater.

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8. Teamwork is everything

As mentioned earlier, Cecilion’s style of play is similar to Gord’s. We must always be behind the tank and deal damage from a safe distance. This way we really need the role of a tank hero in order to to back up.

So if you’re using Cecilion, you’re not playing Solo rank. Try to get along with your friends, at least play a trio of gangs. Because playing Cecilion requires a lot of teamwork.

Before playing in the rank, the first thing you should try is to play in the custom mode to find out the skills. After that, you can try playing on Classic to find the best gameplay. When you are sure that you are good, just play in rank. dont try Feeder yes do with a new hero without knowing the skills and gameplay ^^.

These are the discussion boards this time about the Cecilion Mobile Legends hero tutorial. Hopefully it’s useful, happy push rank, and don’t forget to take a break, gang ^^

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