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Before the push rank, let's see 4 facts about Freya ML Revamp

In the last few seasons, Freya ML revision not considered a meta. Though after the makeover, he became a hero who was pretty OP because his fighting ability had increased. Moonton made this makeover like giving Freya a buff.

When reporting on Pinwheel and Esports id there are several facts you should know about this reworked hero Freya. Because it will have a very big impact on your skills, gameplay and your orientation while playing.

Layla Fanny Freya Mobile Legends


Now Freya has different types of CC to help her fight. The first and second skills have very different CC effects, and you can use them as needed. You need to understand this type of CC so that you can easily block your opponent’s movements.

The second skill has 3 CC effects, which are punch up, kick back, and slow down. You can get any of these CC Effects if you manage to get a stack of Freya’s Passive.

But unfortunately, all CC effects are very short in duration, so you can’t just lock your opponent’s movements in place. You can only hinder its movement. But if you can use the momentum properly, you can quickly take out your opponent.

Mobile Legends characters Freya 5


Every time you attack, Freya gets a stack of Holy Orbs, and you get that one stack by attacking two basic attacks. The maximum Holy Orb you can collect is 3 stacks. You can get 3 stacks instantly using the ultimate skill.

You can use this stack of Sacred Orb for Skill 1 and Freya. The more stacks of Sacred Orbs, the greater the jump distance of Skill 1, the damage increases and the stun duration is quite long.

You can use both skills 4 times. However, in order to use them all at the same time, you must have three stacks of Holy Orbs. If you only have 1 stack, you can only use Skill 2 2 times.

To effectively stop your opponent’s movement, you should have 3 stacks of Holy Orbs. This way, you can take advantage of all of Skill 2’s CC effects to effectively lock down opponents.

Freya MLBB 1


Changing his passive abilities will of course also change Freya’s style of play, especially her faster attacks. Now Freya can become a very effective killing machine thanks to her increased attack speed and damaging abilities.

Mobility and movement also become more agile, so you can play more aggressively. Equipped with high armor, Freya can be a front-line hero who is difficult for opponents to defeat.

Not only is Freya difficult to capture, but she also has a pretty high DPS. This ability will make it a very fast killing machine. Even more so if you use the articles correctly.

Mobile Legends characters Freya 4


Freya was revised together with Hanzo, Natalia and Lancelot. But the most terrible overhaul applies to Freya. Although it doesn’t have high defense, its role as a fighter is still pretty overwhelmed.

As per the description above, Freya may be an off-planner to consider. Now that he has a multitude of CCs, mobility is very high and can be a deadly killing machine.

Even so, it would be better if you only play Freya in the early to middle stages of the game. Due to his ability, the OP will not appear once he has entered the late phase of the game. The damage it will do will be mediocre.

Freya also has a defense that is not that great. With just one hit, he can die with late game heroes like Granger, Karrie, and Bruno. So you shouldn’t bring the game until late game when using Freya.

These are Some Freya ML Revamp Facts That You Should Know Before Using It. Its popularity has skyrocketed because professional players have not used it before. If you can use it well, Freya can be a very terrible Mobile Legends hero.

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