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The latest build Aldous ML Ala Gerrard Wijaya

Hero Mobile Legends for those who can play it with the right skills, of course, can kill opponents quickly. One of the heroes we’ll be discussing here is Aldous ML, the GG hero who can be a bit like One Punch Man.

From our analysis, accompanied by information we received from the esports community, this Aldous ML hero received a lot of nerf from Moonton and is no longer meta in season 19.

With this one player, however, it is different, namely Gerrard Wijayawhat can be seen on the youtube channel he has, where he always plays the hero Aldous very well.

What do you think the build that is so widely used that if he uses it he can be a very sick hero. So read the explanation below.

Rating on Hero Aldous ML

Aldous, Aldous build, Aldous Gerrard Wijaya

On Gerrard Wijaya’s YouTube channel he keeps making video titles, namely “How to irritate the enemy part 1 to 24”, which he uses almost on average when playing Hero Aldous.

Aldous ML can be very painful for thin-blooded heroes like Marksman, Mage, and Assassin. It is possible for heroes who are low on HP, who can let the enemy die with a single hit with skill 3.

This hero is often called “The Garbage Man” because he often steals kills from teammates, which ends up going into Aldous’ stats, and that’s something that really annoys him.

Well the name just plays capital, what can you do? In fact, this hero fighter was created that way, so it is that you must learn to be sincere about Aldous leaving as long as you or your team can win.

Aldous, Aldous build, Aldous Gerrard Wijaya

Aldous is a combative hero who grows stronger and sicker as the game progresses. Aldous also needs items what can be improved damage and critical attack.

Here we summarize the Aldous build widely used by Gerrard Wijaya that you can instantly apply to your Aldous hero.

  • Magic shoes: This article function is intended to reduce cooling down and can add Speed ​​of movement Heroes.
  • Beast Killer: Jungle article it is useful to add defense of physically or magical attack. Beast Killer can add too damage 50% and can make an impact dragging to the opponent hit by Aldous. This item can increase Aldou’s gold, mana, and HP of any monster jungle which is managed. This item also has a unique passive ability that adds gold to any item helps or kill what you get.
  • Berserk Rage: This item becomes the capital of heroes for “a hit, a kill” because it is useful to add critical and physical attack.
  • Blade of Heptaseas: This article is used to add physical attack and HP Aldous.
  • Thunder belt: This defense item can increase HP, regenerate, reduce mana cooling down, Add Damage, and a unique passive that can make an impact dragging to the opponent.
  • Malicious roar: This item can increase damage and also on passive skills, which is useful for Hero Aldous as it can reduce the effect Tower damage by 20%. According to Gerrard Wijaya, he regards the tower as his own base, so the opponent continues to regard it as my own home.

Tricks to play Aldous in the style of Gerrard Wijaya

Aldous, Aldous build, Aldous Gerrard Wijaya

Gerrard Wijaya is one of the Gaming Youtuber which made Aldous his mainstay. His expertise in dealing with this hero fighter is really cool.

This figure is one of the figures that make review Aldous is getting better again, what are Gerrard Wijaya’s tricks with his teammates so far, let’s take a look at the results of our test below.

1. Focus on collecting gold to buy items

As a hero who likes itkill Regardless of the situation and location, it is important to collect as much gold as possible and minimize the death rate.

Because if you die often when you early games, can deplete Aldous of gold and lose the stack that Aldous should have late game.

2. Teamwork

Gerrard Wijaya’s team was called “Bar-Bar Esports” and consisted of 5 people, namely Indra, Jenong, Bokir, Ecep and Juli, who are known to have a very compact team.

One of his team named “Bp Ecep” is an Anggela hero user who often helps Indra (Gerrard Wijaya) enter the opponent’s tower when using Aldous.

This Ulti Aldous skill is actually very useful for combing Folder and easily track enemy whereabouts. So basically, even if you are a pro, everything will be normal without a solid team.

3. Rotate and help the team

Ulti Aldous allows the move of roadway to roadway fast. Not only is this roaming ability intended for junk, but you can also use it to help out friends who are attacked by opponents.

Still want to use the Aldous hero after this review by Aldous Gerrard Wijaya? is nerf what Moonton did Update Does season 19 have an impact on your performance at gaming? Write yes in the comment column below!

For those of you who want to hear the latest news on esports teams entering MLBB tournaments, you can find it on Gametweeps. Hopefully the information we have provided will be useful to all of you, see you soon.

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