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7 painful Mobile Legends item combinations for maximum damage 2021

Do you want to know the most effective MLBB tips? Enough with a combination of two mobile legend items, you can face many heroes with no difficulty!

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game with a strategy genre, so it requires ultimate intelligence to win against fellow players. There are so many heroes to play in Mobile Legends, this will of course make it difficult for players to deepen the hero’s skills and gameplay.

Additionally, one of the common problems with MLBB is choosing the right build element. Most of the players use ML build items default to facilitate.

In fact, players can deal maximum damage with two combinations of Legendary Mobile Items.

Don’t believe Here Ligagame offers several combinations of the crassest MLBB items for maximum damage!



The best combo build items in Mobile Legends

1. Demon Hunter Sword & Golden Staff


One of the most insane combinations of mobile legends is DHS and Golden Staff. This combination promises deadly DPS thanks to attack speed and deals damage based on the enemy’s HP presentation.

With the unique passive of DHS in combination with the passive of the Golden Rod, this item combination is suitable for destroying battle heroes and tanks with high endurance / armor.

The combination of DHS and Golden Staff items is suitable for Claude, Badang, and Karrie heroes. Enemy heroes who can be easily destroyed include Uranus, Esmeralda, Johnson, and Hylos.

2. Raptor Machete & Endless Battle


The two MLBB items are the most sought after items by Kerns thanks to the effects they create.

In addition to making jungle farming easier, Raptor Machete also offers 15% physical penetration and deals 50 additional real damage every 10 seconds.

In combination with Endless Battle, your hero receives an additional 60% true damage and only needs 1.5 seconds to refresh his passive cooldown.

Not only that. The status of Endless Battle can also affect your hero’s abilities, such as: B. Cooldown Reduction, Mana Regeneration, Lifesteal, and Real Damage.

3. Berserker’s Fury & Scarlet Phantom


This item combo is arguably the sickest and deadliest combo and can eliminate non-tank heroes in seconds.

Passive Berserker’s Fury offers a 65 percent critical chance. Equipped with Scarlet Phantom, it increases attack speed and triggers more critical hits.

These two items are suitable for heroes like Bruno, Lesley, Roger and Hanabi.

(Tips: Can also be combined with Endless Battle as it can cause greater damage)

If you get stuck in the late game, your players will have to pick items like the Rose Gold Meteor and Queen Wings. These two items are very useful when your hero’s HP is low!


4. Malevolent Roar & Blade of Despair

Best-Item-Mobile-Legends Combination

You can buy this item for 2060 gold, which is useful for adding +60 physical attack and + 40% physical penetration attribute to the base value.

Malefic Roar has a passive armor buster which is a normal attack that ignores 20% of tower defense folks.

While Blade of Despair offers the largest physical attack in Mobile Legends, dealing an additional 10% damage to enemies affected by crowd control effects.

No wonder this late game item is the choice of Assassin or Marksman heroes. This combination of items is most effective for countering enemies like Claude, Lesley, Hayabusa, Ling, and Lancelot.

(Tips: Combine with Endless Battle to increase the damage again).

5. Bloodlust Ax & Haas’ Claws


This MLBB item combo is very effective when used by Ruby and Alucard heroes. This combination creates a very powerful additional physical attack and life steal.

Ruby and Alucard themselves also have unique short cooldowns and heavy lifesteal. So with these two heroes armed with these combo items, you don’t have to worry about running out of HP!

6. Scarlet Phantom & Golden Rod


Golden Staff is also the best combination of items when compared to Scarlet Phantom. While the item’s effect does not make the user able to perform critical attacks, as a substitute it can provide an overall attack speed of 45%!

Not to mention the Golden Staff attack speed by 30%. Imagine if Lesley uses this item it is like a machine gun because of the super fast continuous shooting.

7. Lightning Stick & Clock of Fate


Clock of Destiny has unique passives including: adds 30 HP, 5 Magic Power every 30 seconds and can be stacked up to 10 times (There is a small icon with a Clock of Destiny image on the screen and the number of stacking effects)

When the unique passive is fully stacked, the hero gains 5% magical attack and 300 mana.

This lightning stick also has a unique passive, Resonance, where every 6 seconds the next magical ability deals 3 enemies with additional magical damage that scales with the hero’s mana.

This MLBB item can be purchased for mage heroes such as Cecilion, Kaja, and Kagura during the early game. In addition to being able to equip heroes with the given stats, this combination of items also helps to get rid of minions quickly.


That’s the discussion this time about what elements you can combine to form the craziest ML build element. The total damage is also influenced by the hero used. So check out Ligagame’s other Mobile Legends tips for building the most insane item based on a specific hero.

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