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Real FF Ruok ID and Account Name, See Here

Original FF Ruok ID – Who doesn’t know what the Free Fire game is? This online game is very well known among both children and adults. Free Fire is an online game with a Battle Royale game system that provides an interesting experience for its players.

If you are a true Free Fire player, of course you know that this game can be played individually or as a team. The number of people in one team can be a duo, trio or squad.

When playing as a team, you definitely need an ID to connect one account to another. Talking about ID, in this article we will discuss in more detail about Ruok’s FF ID, a Free Fire pro player. The following is a more complete explanation.

About Ruok FF ID

Talking about ID FF Ruok, it’s a good idea for you to first understand the meaning of ID Ruok FF itself, right? Because a player, especially a Free Fire game player, of course has to know what an ID is in Free Fire.

You could say that the FF ID is an identity owned by every account used to play Free Fire. This ID can be likened to an identification card in the real world. This sign will make people recognize whose account it is.

Meanwhile, for the meaning of FF Ruok ID, it is the same as the previous explanation that Ruok ID means the ID used by the Ruok account to play Free Fire. Where the ID is the account identity belonging to Ruok, who is none other than a pro player.

You can find the original ruok ff ID for 2023 by typing a series of ID numbers in the Free Fire search field.

Original FF Ruok ID 2023

real ff ruok ID

The FF ID used by Ruok FF when playing is 261109577, and Ruok’s current account nickname is PS RUOK999.

You can note down or directly copy the ID to look for it in the Free Fire game. You can get a glimpse of Ruok FF’s profile by finding his account via the ID we have provided above.

Characteristics of the original Ruok FF ID

To make sure the ID you are looking for is really a ruok ff account, here are the characteristics of a ruok ff account that you should know.

  • The current ff ruok account name is PS RUOK999
  • Currently it has 11685 likes
  • The ff account level has reached Lv74
  • Ruok ff has reached HEROIC EMBLEM
  • The FF account is rarely played, as can be seen from the rank that is still gold and that he hasn’t bought an elite pass again in several seasons

Who is Ruok FF

Who exactly is Ruok and how can people find his ID? Ruok is a YouTube content creator who comes from Thailand. Ruok FF has very capable skills in playing Free Fire, it’s no surprise that he is called a very reliable pro player.

In fact, because he is so good at playing Free Fire, Ruok FF was given the nickname King of Perfect Shoot by his fans, he also often shares tips or knowledge about the sensitivity of Ruok FF auto headshot according to his playing style.

Not only from his country of origin, but Ruok fans are spread even to Indonesia. So many fans from Indonesia really idolize Ruok because his playing skills in Free Fire are very reliable and he is good at taking headshots.

To be able to play together, of course you need the FF ID to make friends first. Because to be able to hang out or play together, the first condition is that you are friends with the person you want to play with. Hopefully, after knowing Ruok’s FF ID, you will be one of the lucky people to be able to play with Ruok.

The final word

This is brief information regarding who and what ID FF Ruok is, a pro player in the online game Free Fire. Hopefully the information above can help you find and invite the Ruok FF ID while in the free fire game lobby.