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Original FF Evos Notnot ID, this is his account

ID FF Evos Notnot – Who doesn’t know this interesting and exciting Battle Royal game, namely Free Fire. The most popular game that is well known and has been widely downloaded in 2023 to 2023, according to the version from the Play Store.

Indeed, this game is very popular and has been played by various groups, including adults, teenagers and even children.

This game, produced by Garena, provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience and can be played solo, duo or squad.

There are many types of designations in the Free Fire game, one of which is the FF ID of the player’s account. This FF ID is one of the important things that every FF player has and has a different number or username on each account.

Lately, there has been a lot of information circulating about what FF IDs belong to several well-known pro players such as Notnot from Evos.

The FF ID of a pro player like him is very much sought after because other players also want to add that ID, who knows, if they are lucky, they might be able to play with that pro player.

If you are one of the people who is also looking for the original EVOS Not Not FF ID, in this time we will provide complete information about the FF ID belonging to a beautiful girl from Evos, namely Notnot.

About ID FF Evos Notnot

Before continuing the discussion on Notnot Evos’ FF ID, it would be a good idea for you to know more about the meaning of FF ID itself.

ID FF is one of the terms in the Free Fire game which is used to indicate the identity of a person’s account. This FF ID has various functions that are important for every Free Fire player.

The FF ID functions as an identity or identifier on a Free Fire account, a tool for inviting friends, as well as a tool used for transactions or sending diamonds.

Each player will be different from the FF ID of another player, because each player has a different number or username. Of course, the beautiful girl from Evos, Notnot also has her own FF ID.

Biodata of Evos Notnot FF

After understanding the basic knowledge about ID FF Evos Notnot, next you also have to know who Notnot is.

For you gamers, of course you already know who Notnot from Evos is, right? If you still don’t know his biodata, see the discussion below.

Evos Notnot’s real name is Lidiawaty, a professional gamer from the city of Bandung who was born on October 8 2000.

Before entering the world of gaming and becoming known to many people as he is now, Evos Notnot was just a content creator on TikTok.

Now Lidiawaty has joined one of the famous esports, namely EVOS, and has even become a brand ambassador at Evos. Not only is he good at playing games, it turns out Notnot is also very skilled at taekwondo martial arts and role playing.

He also entered the TOP 2 in the Mobile Legends tournament in the fourth season. He is also skilled at playing Free Fire.

FF Evos Notnot ID number

The original Evos Notnot FF ID number is 1625352505. Meanwhile, the ff account name that Notnot uses is EVOS.NOTNOT.

You can directly search for the FF ID in the player search feature. If you’re lucky, you can add evos not not ff as a friend list, and you can invite him to play.

original ff evos notnot ID number

Characteristics of the Original Evos Notnot Account

So that you don’t get fooled by fake accounts claiming to be Notnot, pay attention to the characteristics of Evos Notnot’s real account below.

  • Has the nickname EVOS.NOTNOT.
  • The country info is of course Indonesia.
  • Rank has reached master.
  • There is a HEROIC EMBLEM mark.
  • The number of likes is more than 5000.
  • It’s in the INDOSTARS guild.

How to Add Evos Notnot’s FF ID to your Friends List

  1. Open the latest Free Fire game application.
  2. Enter the friend search feature.
  3. Type Evos Nontot’s ff ID 1625352505.
  4. Then click the Search button.
  5. Open Evos Notnot’s FF account to see his FF profile.
  6. Lastly, click add to friends list.

Evos Notnot Social Media Accounts

As an entertainer and already a Brand Ambassador for the EVOS team, of course Lidiawaty also has a personal social media account. The following are Evos Notnot’s social media accounts:

  • Tiktok: @n.lidiawati
  • Instagram: n. lidiawaty
  • YouTube: NOTNOTE

That is brief information about the FF ID of the beautiful girl Evos Notnot. Hopefully the brief information above can be useful and help you find out about Notnot Lidiawaty’s FF ID.