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Original Auto Headshot FF FDW (efdewe) sensitivity

FF FDW sensitivity – Free Fire is a game with the Shooting Battle Royale genre which has been ranked as the best-selling game in 2023 to 2023 according to the Play Store.

This game is loved by various groups, especially children. Not without reason, the Free Fire game is able to provide game play that is challenging, exciting and interesting to try.

With this popularity, many people have started their careers as YouTubers who provide FF gaming content, one of which is FDW.

FDW itself is one of the pro player members who is quite famous for his work as a YouTube content creator. He was able to achieve the title of pro player because of his skills in playing the Free Fire game.

This skill certainly cannot be separated from important factors such as the right sensitivity settings. It’s true that when playing the Free Fire game, we shouldn’t just focus on individual skins, but sensitivity settings are also very important.

To find out how to set the FDW sensitivity so that it can play really epicly, read the explanation below carefully.

Who is FDW

FDW is actually an abbreviation of the name of Youtuber and Free Fire pro player, namely Febri Dwi Wicaksono. FDW started YouTube videos with gaming content in 2023 when he was still in vocational school.

Who would have thought that a famous YouTube pro player and content creator like ID FF FDW, actually used to only have a cellphone and edit in an internet cafe.

However, his skills continued to be trained until he won the Love Tournament in 2023 and joined Luvre Esports.

Now he is on par with other pro players such as Ruok FF, Corporal Jono, Budi Gaming, and many others.

Because of their skills, many people have started to follow how to set the sensitivity of FF FDW and have become the pro players they are today.

Latest FF FDW Sensitivity

After you have finished setting the DPI, next pay attention to how the sensitivity settings are carried out by FDW. You need to pay close attention to the sensitivity settings so that the results are as you expect.

The following are the original FDW sensitivity settings:

Original FF FDW sensitivity
  • Look around 55
  • Red Dot Sight 70
  • 2x Scope 75
  • 4x Scope 80
  • AWM Scope 25
  • See about 55

Explanation of the reasons why FDW uses this sensitivity:

Look around 55

The FDW surround view setting only sets it halfway, this is useful so that when looking for nearby enemies you can see them clearly or not miss them.

Red Dot Sight 70

For red dot sight sensitivity, FDW recommends 60% and above. Why? Because it will be easier to get a headshot on FF. With this setting, FDW can move the shoot button towards the enemy’s head.

This setting is also suitable because FDW is a user of the MP40 melee weapon. Unlike a shotgun, the MP40 requires quite high red dot sight sensitivity.

2x scope 75

Binoculars with a 2x distance require quite high sensitivity. Because the distance is quite far, the sensitivity with a lift of 75 is very suitable for shooting. The long-range weapons often used by FDW are Scar and AK47.

4x scope 80

With equipment 4x scope you need to set the sensitivity to 70-90. FDW itself prefers the 80 point, because the Assasult Rifle type weapon which uses a 4x scope will make it easier to headshot.

AWM Scope 25

Specifically for AWM, Febri Dwi Wicaksono advised not to regulate more than 50%. Because AWM itself has smooth sensitivity, it is easier to shift and direct. If it is too high then the scope movement will jump everywhere.

See About 55

More or less the same as the look around setting, the aim is to make the eyes look more carefully at the surrounding area.

How to Set FDW Sensitivity

If you already know what FDW’s sensitivity settings are, the next step is to copy these settings to the sensitivity settings in the game.

To install these settings, you can pay attention to the steps below.

  • Login to your Free Fire account.
  • Go to menu “Arrangement“.
  • Select menu “Sensitivity“.
  • Then follow the same sensitivity settings as FDW’s.

HP DPI settings

If you want to follow the FDW-style sensitivity trick, the next thing you have to do is set the DPI first. Here’s how to set DPI on all types of Android phones very easily.

  1. Activate the cellphone and enter the settings menu.
  2. Look for the menu “About Mobile“.
  3. On option “Version“, tap it several times until the notification display appears.”Active Development“.
  4. Select menu “Additional Settings“.
  5. Press option “Min or Max Width“, then convert it to a number 600.

Benefits of Using Original FDW Sensitivity

It has been proven to be an easy headshot by FDW, a solid pro player in one of the esports teams in Indonesia. So, there is no need for a song to imitate FDW’s sensitivity settings.

You just need to slightly change the sensitivity number above, set it as comfortable as possible for your movements.

It turns out that using the FDW sensitivity setting is very easy, isn’t it? Of course, you don’t need to imitate these settings so that they are exactly the same as those of FDW. You can adjust it according to your playing style.

Just adjust your playing style to make you better. Don’t forget to keep practicing in practice mode so that your hands and fingers can adapt to the sensitivity of FF FDW.

Greetings Booyah!