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Newest Evos FF (Free Fire) Member 2023

Evos FF member – Who doesn’t know Evos? One of the professional Esports organizations based in Jakarta. Evos itself was founded by Ivan Yeo and is now controlled by a CEO named Bisma Aditya Putra who is also in Indonesia. Evos Esports itself has several game teams such as Mobile Legend, Pubg, and even Free Fire.

Talking about Evos Free Fire, in this article we will discuss who the Evos members are. You should know that not all members stay at Evos for a long time, because there are often several member changes.

List of Latest EVOS FF Members

As we know, there is more than 1 FF team at Evos esports. The senior team that once won 1st place in the world is called EVOS Divine and the other team is EVOS Immortal.

However, for now, the only EVOS FF players I will introduce are from the EVOS Divine team. If there is time to update, maybe later I will also write a brief description and profile of the EVOS Immortal team.

OK, so let’s get to know the members of eEvos esports FF from EVOS Divine first. Listen and remember the names of the evos FF 2023 members below.

Member of the EVOS Divine Free Fire Team

member of ff evos divine

Previously, the members consisting of Evos Manay, Evos Cupay, Evos MR05 and Evos SAM13 were the EVOS Capital team, but with the entry and exit of new members and changes in team members, now the team name has been changed to EVOS Divine.

We will not discuss the old members or teams, what we will know now are the current members of evos FF. So, here are the members of the FF EVOS Divine team.


The first evos FF member was Saeful M with the nickname or ff id SAM13. One of the players who often brings winning trophies to the Evos Free Fire team during Esports tournaments. SAM itself has 13 above average fighting abilities. We can prove this in the highlight video footage on the official Free Fire Esports ID account.

In the Evos team, SAM 13 also plays the role of team captain, trusted to lead the team because he is strong, enthusiastic, confident and can motivate other members when fighting on the battlefield.

2. EVOS MR05

In EVOS Divine, a Rusher named Regi Pratama is the dark horse in the team. A man whose full name is Regi Pratama with the nickname Evos MR05 has a YouTube channel which has so far received 700 thousand subscribers.

Regarding his own achievements, a Regi Pratama does not need to doubt his ability to play games. The proof is that Regi managed to get 19 kills and achieved Booyah easily. Apart from being a YouTuber, it turns out that Regi Pratama is also a pro player.

3. EVOS Street

Who doesn’t know this Evos member? A man with the nickname Evos Street is also a reliable pro player. If you meet Street or Afaiq on the competition field, it’s a good idea to avoid them. Because of the skills he possessed, M. Afaiq became quite famous.

Street’s abilities have been proven by several achievements he has achieved. In the last round at FFIM 2023, it turned out that Afaiq was in an unfavorable position. At that time, Street became a playmaker who was able to help Evos maintain its position until it was at the top of the standings. The number of kills he managed to get was 11 kills.

4. EVOS Kenjo

Then there is Riki with the nickname Evos Kenjo, who is the newest member and easiest member of the EVOS Divine team. Before playing Free Fire, Kenjoo admitted that he really liked playing the Point Balang game. Riki’s favorite game genre is war or battle ground.

Played Free Fire because his close friends invited him. Kenjoo also has a role model as a Free Fire pro player, his role model is SMA13 which is now a team and its own captain. Apart from having a role model, Kenjoo also admires another FF esports team, namely RRQ.

5. EVOS Bion (new)

Abi Faisal Firmansyah or what we know by his FF nickname EVOS Bion. Bion initially played at IOG then was brought in by Manay to join EVOS Divine to strengthen their line-up in international Free Fire and FFML tournaments.

Since joining EVOS Divine, Bion has continued to display excellent performance and even continues to improve. Of course this is because of the support from the team and his playing partners. During the FFML Season 5 Division 1 tournament, EVOS Bion recorded a total of more than 100 kills.

6. EVOS AbaaaX (new)

The last member of EVOS FF was EVOS Abax, who joined in October 2023. Before joining EVOS FF, Abax already had quite an interesting record and achievement, namely taking part in the Free Fire Master League Season 5 Division 1. In this tournament, Abax managed to get first place along with his teammates.

The composition and role of the FF EVOS Divine team:

  • M Refie Fakhreno plays the role of Manager
  • M Farchan Ridha (EVOS Manay) plays the role of Coach
  • EVOS.SAM13 plays the role of Captain
  • EVOS.MR05 plays Rusher
  • EVOS.STREET acts as Support
  • EVOS.KENZOO acts as Support

EVOS Immortal Free Fire Team Member

member of ff evos immortal

The second FF team is EVOS Immortal, the Free Fire team in the 2nd division of the Evos Esport team. There must be a player on this team who is already known, right? Yes, that’s right, he is FF Rasyah Rasyid, a magical kid who is very good at playing games.

First of all, I apologize, because there is no material that I can write about the profiles of each member of the EVOS Immortal team, so I will only mention their nicknames and roles first.

The following is a list of EVOS Immortal players:

  • EVOS. Manz
  • EVOS. Rasyah
  • EVOS, Zack
  • EVOS. Jujun
  • EVOS. Aruul 7

Wait for the next update, guys!

The final word

That’s a brief glimpse of information about who the current Evos FF (Free Fire) members are, and also includes photos of the Evos FF members. All of these members are pro players who are skilled at playing games, one of which is the Free Fire game. The Evos Free Fire division is no less popular than the other Evos divisions, you know.