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Unlocking Untapped Potential: A Guide to Evolving your Corphish

Unlocking Untapped Potential: A Guide to Evolving your Corphish

Unlocking Untapped Potential: A Guide to Evolving your Corphish

Welcome trainers! Have you been wondering how to unleash the true potential of your Corphish? Look no further! In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to help your Corphish evolve into a mighty Crawdaunt. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Corphish

Before we delve into the evolution process, it is important to understand Corphish’s characteristics and abilities. Corphish is a Water type Pokémon known for its sly and aggressive nature. It possesses a strong physical prowess and a tough outer shell. With these traits in mind, we can now focus on unlocking its untapped potential.

Leveling up and Evolving Corphish

The primary way to evolve Corphish is by leveling it up. As you accumulate experience points through battles and training, your Corphish will eventually reach the required level for evolution. In this case, Corphish evolves into its final form, Crawdaunt, at level 30. Ensure that you provide your Corphish with countless battling opportunities to level up efficiently.

Training Corphish’s Moveset

In order to maximize your Corphish’s potential, it is vital to train it with a diverse and effective moveset. Corphish benefits greatly from Water-type moves such as Bubblebeam and Crabhammer, which capitalize on its natural affinity for water. Additionally, incorporating moves like Brick Break or Crunch can provide coverage against opposing types, enhancing your Corphish’s versatility in battles.

Building Corphish’s Stats

Another key aspect of evolving your Corphish is dedicating effort towards building its stats. Consider equipping your Corphish with items like Assault Vest or Life Orb to boost its attack and/or special attack. By focusing on developing these stats, your Corphish can deliver devastating blows and become a formidable force in battles.


Congratulations, trainers! You have successfully learned how to unlock the untapped potential of your Corphish and evolve it into a powerful Crawdaunt. With a well-rounded moveset, effective stat building, and proper training, your Corphish is ready to conquer any challenge that comes its way. Keep exploring, battling, and evolving your Pokémon to unleash their true potential!


1. Can Corphish evolve through other methods besides leveling up?

No, Corphish can only evolve into Crawdaunt by reaching level 30.

2. How can I obtain a Corphish?

Corphish can be found in various water habitats, such as lakes, rivers, or even coastal areas. You can also consider trading with other trainers or participating in Pokémon events to acquire a Corphish.

3. What is the recommended strategy to train Corphish’s stats?

Focusing on increasing Corphish’s attack and special attack stats is generally recommended. Utilize items like Assault Vest or Life Orb to enhance these stats.

4. Are there any other Pokémon that synergize well with Crawdaunt in battle?

Yes, Crawdaunt can benefit from teaming up with Pokémon that can counter its weakness to Electric and Grass types. Pokémon like Ferrothorn or Rotom-Wash can offer valuable support in battles.

5. Can Crawdaunt learn any special abilities?

Yes, Crawdaunt has the ability to learn Adaptability, which boosts the power of moves that match its type. This ability can further enhance its damage-dealing potential.